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In the fish filled sea, a beautiful mermaid swam around. She spun, dived and jumped like a happy dolphin. The water and sea life around her would dance to her movements, like backup dancers in this underwater symphony. The creator had been swimming and enjoying the early Silurian age for over a month while placing the third generation of titans in the sea.

In this age, plants have begun to live on land but are still located near water bodies as they have not completely evolved to handle that. This is the age when the fish, still armored, diversified and giant sea scorpions evolved. Also, she had been swimming a few million years after the great Ordovician-Silurian extinction event that wiped out around 85% of marine species. Of course, since he created the world, he is aware that the correct number is 82.1%.

Also, it was thought to be mainly caused by glaciation, which is more commonly known as an ice age. In reality, it was actually caused by the cooling which did not produce an ice age but instead released a large amount of acidic material into the sea through a crack. It resulted in the sea's Ph level to gradually drop down to 5.7, causing a mass extinction event over the millions of years. Luckily, it only took warm summers to eventually reseal the crack and restore the ocean's Ph back to 7.2.

Over the month, she gained thousands of pictures from the silurian age. From swimming with armored, jaw less fish to wrestling with giant sea scorpions. The creator also took a whole batch of two thousand silurian land plants of different species to keep and then place it in his home later on. He really needs to expand and visit the place more often.

He swam towards land and followed a small river before surfacing in an ancient marsh. The marsh was far smaller than the average one, only the size of a basketball field. The marsh had a healthy population of the first land plants, causing a large carpet of green to surround the garage sized pond. As she surfaced, the moist, clear air entered her nostrils and a delighted expression rose on her face.

"Ah, fresh, natural air. For once in a while, I don't have to smell polluted air like back on Earth." Once she had stepped upon dry land, the goddess had immediately transformed into the Chaos Heaven in a flash of golden light. The creator felt that the world is still too small. He flew up into space and used absolute creation to make the planet three times larger, thus making it having nine times more surface area.

That means that there are nine times more things to explore. Also, he created more moons, two of which are habitable and earth sized while the rest are uninhabitable and with various sizes ranging from normal moon sized to twice earth's size. In total, there are now seven moons. The first habitable one will be the moon world, a place where he would place moon elves, lycanthropes and Lunarites, a species of light elementals that roam on the moon.

These three species will

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