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At my vacation spot, I began planning on how I will seed life to the world. Earth life began with simple microbes within the primordial soup. I intend to mimic that way so that life would develop similarly if not exactly like how it did on earth. My main reason is that I wish to have the cambrian era all the way to the jurassic era recreated but with some alterations. Before I left, I had already watched Godzilla: the king of monsters and that movie awakened something in me. My love to create things. When I watched the movie and all the prehistoric lore that comes with it, I suddenly felt an urge to one day create those very titans I witnessed. Since I had been blessed with such power to create, why not complete this mission?

However, I'll need to have prehistory play out exactly or similarly to earth's own prehistory. To do so, I'll need the cambrian, ordovician, silurian, devonian, carboniferous, permian, triassic, jurassic and cretaceous periods to exist. In order to get the most accurate result, I would have to replicate the first life on earth and guide its evolution accordingly. Even though I created mana, I only know that it speeds up evolution and allows the existence of magical wielding creatures. But, I'm not sure if something else might happen during evolution thanks to mana exposure and it might ruin my plans and cause me to restart the process. As easy as it is to do so, I don't like to wait too long and repeat unnecessary events.

'I have an idea!' Instead of hoping for the best and preparing to empty the planet if it fails, I could create the will of the world. If I do, the will would regulate life's evolution by replicating all events in the early years of life. If something goes out of line and starts messing up my plans, the will would create disasters to extinguish the species or reduce its population to harmless levels and wait for further evolution on that species to occur. I'll name the being as Gaia, the will of the worlds. I gave her the ability to control and generate any form of matter, omnipresence within matter and the ability to possess living things. I made her a primordial with average primordial abilities.

With this, I would have around sixteen universe busting primordials. Although it might sound like overkill to have so many powerful beings, I'm not taking any chances that hostile universe busters exist and have set my eyes on my tiny little universe. Hell no! I'm not letting this primitive paradise I built get destroyed by some random thing with nothing better to do with its own damn superpowers than destroy random shit! Back to Gaia, she appears as a massive woman in her twenties whose height easily dwarfs even the tallest of mountains. Her body is made of wood and soil while her hair is made of long, thin green vines. The primordial's eyes are golden fiery orbs that either dims or burns brighter depending on her emotions.

The primordial wears a colorful sleeveless dress created from billions o

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