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After I gave my primordials their gifts, I begun to create. First, I would need a sun to shine on the world. I imagined a sun, larger than the one in the earth's solar system. It is slightly more farther in distance as I want to make 432 days for a year with each of the twelve months possessing thirty six days each. However, its size made it look twice as big as the earth's sun in the sky. To make up for the heat lost in the distance, I added a few degrees centigrade to its surface temperature. After nearly ten minutes, the planet's surface is suddenly bathed in the sun's white rays.

The heat it carries started to make a rise in the planet's temperature. The titans and elementals especially the descendants of Perses, enjoy the yellowish rays of the sun and the warmth it carries. "Good, the sun is up. Now to plant Yggdrasil." I held the Eye of Vishnu that rested around my neck. I focused onto it and through that, I saw everything. An endless array of panels appear in my mind, showing every single area of the planet and the sun. In my mind, I commanded the eye to look for a place on the planet perfect for a lake in the northern hemisphere.

From outside, the blue gems started to shine and then, a blue light cut the sky in half, pointing to a certain direction. I gained a vision of the location, a crater near where norway would be in the earth's map. A perfect place to create the lake that will house Yggdrasil, my gateway to my created or conquered worlds. I looked up to the sky so I can follow the glowing and pulsating line of blue energy pointing at the crater. After an hour if I'm not wrong of walking through the rocky terrain under the streak, I realised that it's taking too long and I'm starting to get tired. While my primordials and their army have no problems at all, I am still completely human in terms of my other physical and my mental abilities.

I'm only indestructible and possess Absolute Creation which allows me to create anything without limitation at all. I should make a teleportation effect for the eye. So, I changed the eye to include singular and group teleportation. I selected all of the beings on this planet and teleported to the southern end of the crater. The billions of elementals are suddenly surrounded by a golden glow, shortly before they teleport to the crater. The primordials showed no reaction to the feat of their master while the titans and elementals are even more intrigued to what their creators refer to as creator. They thought that the almighty creator of the primordials would be a being whose size dwarfs the primordials themselves.

However, his abilities taught them to not judge one by appearance alone. I then called out to Thalassa to summon enough water to fill the crater until the edge of my toes. Thalassa's eyes then glowed blue as a massive rotating vortex of water appeared at the crater's center. Water in the form of large waves are spewed forth from the vortex as these waves then either crash

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