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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 4 Chapter 4: Ken Chu
"Stop fighting and help your mother to prepare the dinner" hearing the coldness of their father's voice, the two separated from each other and run to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Novie saw the smile on her father's face, she knows that he's happy that their family is complete.

A mosquito bite pulled Novie's senses from reminiscing the past when she looked at her leg, she saw the couple mosquito sucking her blood.

"Gosh!, even these two mosquitos are in love" she murmured silently, her face showed a bitter emotion while her hand slapped her legs killing the two mosquitoes.

"There's no such a thing as a happy ending" she got up and walked back inside the house.


A private jet landed in the NAIA airport, all ground crew ran to the plane's direction and prepared themselves to assist the plane.

Then three luxurious car parked next to the plane and men in uniform climbed down and lined up.

Finally, the plane door opened, and the passengers walked down the stairs.

A man wearing a grey suit that matches his grey eyes walked down the stairs and beside him was a woman wearing brown slacks and heels while clinging her hand on his arms, then behind them was an old woman sitting on the wheelchair, two women in a white uniform were assisting her.

When Ken's feet lay on the ground, he removed the woman's hand from his arms and throws her a cold look.

"You can walk by yourself now" he spoke and got in the car, leaving the woman standing outside.

Anna Tang, earlier she asked Ken to help her to walk since her heels were giving her a hard time walking.

After getting ignored by Ken, Anna looked around. People are pretty much dumbfounded by what is happening around. She's Ken's fiance, but the man was too cold to her, even colder than before.

"Let's go," Ken asked the driver to leave after making sure that his mother gets into the other car. His mother refused to ride with him and wants to sit beside Anna, he couldn't blame her.

Three years ago, her mother insisted him to marry Anna, but he's not interested and Anna knows it, but his mother was just as hardheaded as he is, she kept on bantering and saying that she had been imprisoned for so many years.

He sighed and looked at the window, watching the road. It's the same as before, nothing change. It's been five years since he set foot to this Country, the place where he had his heart broken by the woman he loves the most.

Seems like his brain is toying with him, he could see his ex-fiance face in the window, her smiling face.

(Where are you now Novie?) he asked in his mind, he said he will give her time, and he did. He waited for her call, but three years ago, something happened to his mother that caused him to agree to be engaged with Anna.

Three years ago.


The sky outside of his office is a mild September blue while the clouds swirl about like gauzy curtains. A tall man with eyes haunted by a deepening gloom was sitting on the chair behind his desk, it's the last day of the week and weekend will come where he can finally rest.

Ken Chu, the CEO of Chu pharmaceutical Company, two years ago he moved to France to extend his business, and in two years, he was able to obtain his goal.

Through his sister's connection and help, he produced and developed new vaccines and medicine that helped his company to be popular in Europe.

He only has knowledge about business and none about medicine or healthcare, the company started from his grandfather and passed down to his father.

After his father died, he took over the company together with his underground business.

His father was the previous boss of the Blue Dragon organization, he became the boss months after his father died, mostly to protect himself from all of his father's enemy.

Since he became the CEO, he continued the business just like how his father handled it.

Corrupting the senators to pass the law that will benefi

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