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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 7 Chapter 7: Novie's birthday
A warm hand pulled her spirit back from the past, she looked at its owner and saw the soft expression of Bea, Ken's mother.

She sighed and pulled her hands, "I am leaving now" She walks towards the door but before she left, she heard Bea talking.

"Don't worry Anna, she will not come back" Bea assure to her, she told her about their conversation after the dinner and Bea praised her for making the deal.

She nodded and left their house.

McSalter Residence.

Novie was sitting on the roof watching the night sky. Every night, she will either climb in the rooftop or sit outside while writing in her diary. It became her hobby to write her feelings in the square notebook she bought in the airport, but right now, there's only one page left.

She saw the news earlier about the supermodel Anna Tang and her upcoming wedding with Ken Chu. She could not believe that even after five years she still cares for him.

Her finger lifts the pen and starts writing.

Dear Diary,

He's getting married.

Before she continues, a tear drops on the notebook, making the page wet, then she continued.

I am so happy for his success, I thought I could see him again but since he's getting married I can't anymore. I was thinking of seeing him and see if he still has feelings for me but now that he's with someone else, I guess he had moved on. I can't blame him, I left him without explanation. I never asked him to wait for me so this news should not bother me but I am hurting so bad. It's worse than the time I left him.

It pains me to know that he no longer loves me because I still do. I still love him.

She flips the page and saw the back cover, she thought that maybe this is the sign that she should move on too, stops writing in her diary about how much she misses him and continue in her life without thinking of him.

She lay down on the roof and stares at the sky, she could her pain transforming into tears. She sniffed and got up.

(I can't be like this anymore. I need to move on. I have too) she thought with determination.

She crawls her way to the ladder she used earlier to climb but it's no longer there, instead, it was laying on the ground beside a man whom she knows so much.

"Brent!!! the ladder!!!" she yelled at her brother who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Why do you keep climbing in the roof, you're even sitting on the roof of my room now there's some water leaking every time there's rain" he yelled back and walks back inside the house.

Novie gnashed her teeth with anger, she was not aware that she made a hole in their roof, but her bigger problem was how to go down.

"Papa! Brent took the ladder, I can't go down!!!" she yelled once again, seconds later, her father came and picks up the ladder.

"be careful Novie," he stated in a low voice and held the ladder to balance it.

After she felt the ground, her body immediately runs inside the house to look after her brother.

Novie was rag

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