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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 14 Chapter 14: Get her back
A knock on the door startled Novie as she tried to finish her lesson plan. The door opened and her brother came in, suspicious paints in his eyes.

"Do you know Mr. Chu?" he asked, her brother moved his face closer, interrogating her.

Novie avoided his eyes and went back to her papers, "I don't know what you're talking about." She replied in a straight tone, she knows that if she stuttered, her brother will notice, and knowing him, she's certain he will not stop until he gets the answer.

"Are you sure? You were acting weird. It's either his face struck you so hard or you are hiding something" he continued interrogating her.

She swallowed hard, "really? Tell me, Mr. Sherlock, what's your deduction?" she closed her book and turn to his direction with annoyance.

Her brother sighed and stared at her so deep as if he's thinking, (Whoa! he's really thinking, well this is shocking, I didn't know he has a brain)

Then her brother smiled wickedly and stood up, seeing him grinning like a psychopath, her hearts trembles.

"As I tried to analyze the situation and your reaction, I came up with two answers" her brother patted his chest as if he's proud of himself.

(Yeah, One is you finally realized you have a brain and second you're just as stupid as your muscles!) she blurted inside.

"First, you like him so much that you fell in love which is sad because I don't think he likes your kind" her brother run his eyes over her body, scanning her.

Then he shook his head" Second if he's Ander's friend. It means you have seen him before..." Novie's heart jerked, sweat formed in her forehead.

"Your sweating… ha ha ha… I knew it" her brother folded his hands together while smiling from ear to ear, meanwhile, Novie's body started to tremble.

"What?" she faintly asked, her brother must have figure out her past relationship with Ken.

"You must have scammed him before, so what is it? Did you try to scam his money? or offered him one of those pyramid scams?"

Novie flattened her expression and she can feel her soul coming back, she sighed and took the pillow from her bed and hit him hard.

"Do I look like a scammer? You look more scammer than me" she keeps hitting him.

"And what do you mean that he doesn't like my kind? What am I alien?" she transferred all her frustration to the pillow when her brother seized the pillow from her, she felt the pain in every hit he throws at her.

"Ugh! Stop it, don't you know how to treat a woman" she complained and ran to the door.

"Who said you're a woman?" her brother replied, they were running in the hallway when they saw their father's figure standing on the stairs, they could see the fire in his narrowed eyes.

"We have a visitor, you're embarrassing us," he said and asked them to go downstairs.

The two looked at each other, they both had their face crinkled.

Novie tried to compose her body, her parents were sitting in the living room together with Ken

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