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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 28 Chapter 28: Damn it! I forgot about the triplets
Ken sighed and picked up his fork, "You don't need to cook from now on. I will hire a maid to cook and clean for us" the triplets looked at him and shook their heads at the same time,

Ken raised his brows, he knows that the triplets usually fight but today; they were acting so different.

He narrowed his eyes and looked around, scanning the whole place. When his eyes caught the camera on the corner of the ceiling, his face flattened.

(I knew it!)

"Is she watching us?" he whispered. The three nodded and discreetly looked at the camera.

Ethan who was sitting beside him, move closer and whisper, "She said if we don't cook and clean she will send us to the Amazon so we can live with the tribes" then the boy concentrated to his food.

Ken scoffed, he could not believe that his sister is threatening her own kids.

"I will talk to your mother, don't worry" he assured to them, the three looked at him.

"It's impossible, Everyone tried to talk to mommy even Daddy, but she has too much power in the house" Leo spoke and eat his salad.

He blows a sighed, he already gave up without even trying.

When the doorbell rang, Ken stood and opened it.

Ken's lips parted to see Novie, she had a mug in her hand just like yesterday and the bright smile curved up her glossy lips.

"Good Morning" Novie greeted, Ken cleared his throat and accepted the coffee.

"Good Morning" he chuckled and stared at her.

His mood brightened after seeing her face, he noticed her lips shinning while her cheeks were flushed; he used his other hand to caress her cheeks, while the girl giggled.

"I am going to work now, Are you going to drive me to work today?" Ken ran his sight all over her face, he was so mesmerized by Novie's beauty.

Ken did not reply, while the smile remained on his lips. There was a long moment of silence when Novie called his name, his senses came back. He blinked and apologized.

"Wait here, let me get the key" then he went to his room while drinking the coffee she brought.

He grabbed the keys and put the coffee mug on the side table.

When he came out, Novie was still standing by the door, he wrapped his arm on her waist and closed the door behind.

Novie tried to remove his hand from her waist saying that her mother might see them.

He moved away and opened the car door for her, he could see Novie putting her seatbelt on.

He sat on the driver seat and started the car but before that Novie turned to him, confusion was all over her face.

"am… Ken, I noticed the three kids in the kitchen. Who will look after them?" she asked.

Ken stared at Novie but his mind was not there.

"Damn it! I forgot about the triplets" Ken was astonished, his mind went blank after he saw the smile on Novie's lips earlier that he forgot about the triplets.

Ken sighed, unsure of his next move.

If the triplets are not here, Ken can drive Novie to her work every day, it will not be a problem but since th

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