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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 11 Chapter 11: The wedding
The wedding day.

People started coming and fill the chairs while soft music was playing in the background, the rustic on the aisle and chairs is making the church so beautiful while the flowers scents mixed up in the air.

Standing in the altar was Ken in his black suit and beside him was Evan and Glen while Matthew keeps running around taking pictures of everyone.

In the crowd, a proud mother looked around, Bea Chu was smiling from ear to ear while her son's expression differs from her.

Meanwhile, outside of the church, a lot of paparazzi are trying to get inside but the security was too tight.

When the priest stood behind the table, the coordinator signalled the violinist to starts.

A piece of soft and slow music started, and the door opens, One by one, bridesmaids march down.

Everyone looked beautiful in their dresses when the bride walked, everyone got up and turned to her direction.

She's wearing a white ball gown wedding dress with appliques and crystal brooch, while she wrapped a hand around her father's arm, looking so proud.

When Ken took her hand from her father, her heart jolted, (Finally) she thought.

Then they stood in front of the priest, Anna sighs a relief after knowing that it was a real priest.

The ceremony started, and everyone eyes were focused on the couple.

Meanwhile, outside the church, two women are fighting. It was Peyton and Daniella.

They are arguing on how to interrupt the wedding.

"I told you, you should have stopped it from the beginning" Peyton complained to Daniella.

"Hey, I have a five-year-old daughter who is dying to be a flower girl, if we interrupt it before the march that kid will throw tantrums until one of my friends get married and take her as a flower girl" Daniella glared at Peyton.

In the other side, Peyton understands her, Alexandria has been spoiled by her father and uncles even Selena.

"So what is your plan? Because soon those two will say I do" Peyton replied. Daniella grinned and took round metal from her bag that looked like a grenade. Seeing that, Peyton poker her face.

"Are you planning to bomb the whole church?" she asked, Daniella, nodded and smiled.

"You know that your husband, the triplets and your brother were in there right? If you bomb the whole church, you will be alone, and I will be single" Peyton flattened her face, thinking how crazy Daniella was.

"This is only a smoke grenade, so now, after we throw it. I will take Ken and deliver him to Novie and you will go to my husband and explain the situation"

Peyton protested, "Why don't we switched? I don't want to speak to your husband. he's too scary" her skin crawled.

"Hey Peyton, if you fear my husband I am more scared of my daughter, she will curse me forever once she finds out that I was the person who ruined her happiness" the two decided to continue with Daniella's plan.

Inside the church, the priest asked Ethan to bring the rings, then he looked at the couple in front and asked them to repeat after him.

The couple faces each other and joined their hand for the vow.

Ken stared at the woman in front, his mind started playing tricks on him, all he can see was Novie's face, the smile she had on her face the day she accepted his proposal, her blushing face when they dance in the rooftop, everything. His eyes flickered while his lips parted to say his vow.

"I Ken Chu, take Novie McSalter to be my we---" Ken stopped when he saw Anna's eyes widened, he creased his brows with confusion.

When he turned to his side, the priest leaned forward and whispered, "It should be Anna Tang" he could feel his soul escaping from his body. He stared at Anna, "I am sorry" Anna nodded and smiled.

"that's fine," she said and with that, he continued.

"To be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from--" he could no longer continue, he felt as if there was a cactus stuck in his throat.

"Take a deep breath, Ken," Anna s

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