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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 1 Chapter 1: Hometown
The moon was smiling in the sky with the stars besides shining. Outside, a woman was sitting on the grass while her back lay at the tree. She sat with her legs stretched and crossed. Her finger tightened its grip to the pen as she writes down her feeling in her diary.

Dear Diary,

It's been five long years since I left him, my heart still aches and wonder what he's doing or if he's still hurting.

Novie sighed and lay the pen down on the notebook, when she looks up in the sky, the stars reflected in her eyes.

When her former lover face suddenly flashes in the sky, her eyes shut and the familiar pain throbbed her heart. She reminisced the day at the airport, the time she bought her diary and wrote all her feelings.

Five years ago.

In the busy airport, Novie sat on the vinyl couch, waiting for her departure. Every air she inhaled carried a piece of shattered glass piercing her heart.

Heartbroken and troubled.

With all the chaos and people chattering around, she ignores it while staring at her finger.

She gasped and tears wet her eyes, to remove the tears, she sniffed and got up.

Her head turned to a different direction, checking what she can do to forget the painful feelings in her heart.

She keeps walking until she reaches the end of the airport. After she felt her feet numbing, she sat on the floor.

She folded her knee and hug it, suddenly all the feeling rush in her heart, the liquid from her eyes dropped in big pieces like a rain.

She cried all of her feeling, the tears she has been holding since she left his side streamed down like a river, while people around looked at her like she was a child lost in a new city.

Out of nowhere, an old woman sat next to her, she looked at her side and saw the sad smile on her face.

The woman inserted her hand inside her bag and handed her the tissue, then she left, leaving Novie confused.

She shut her eyes and stood up, realizing how pathetic she looked by crying in the airport. She walked back to the departure area and saw a convenient store.

She entered and grab a bottle of water, in the corner of her eyes, she saw the stall of books and pens; she went closer and her eyes caught the grey rectangular shape notebook.

(Wah!, Ken's eyes were also grey) she cried out inside while her mind was urging her to buy it.

While waiting in the line, Novie stared at the grey book, she pictured Ken's face on the cover; she sniffed after she felt her eyes watering again.

"Miss, are you ok?" a strange voice spoke from behind, Novie looked back and saw a man. The guy was surprised to see the sorrow in her eyes.

"Do I look ok?" she asked in a crack and faint voice

The man gulped and shook his head, then her nose crinkled, annoyed that her moments has been interrupted.

"there! you got your answer" she spoke in a loud voice and turned her back rudely, meanwhile at her back, the man murmured silently, saying how rude she was.


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