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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 21 Chapter 21: I love you
Novie slammed the door opened and ran upstairs, but before she could close the door, she heard her mother shouting at her.

"Novie, where is your brother" Novie rolled her eyes and shouted back.

"He went to the forest" then she went to her room and closed the door behind. She sat on the bed while her hand clenched her chest.

Her heart is pounding so hard that she could feel the vibration of it. She cleared her throat and tried to calm her nerve but her blood was rushing throughout her body.

She had never felt this feeling, the adrenaline, and excitement that were shaking her body, she bites her lips and stood up. She walks back and forth and tried to think about her action.

(Ok, He kissed me and I kissed him back)

Her eyes widened.

(I kissed him back!!!)

She slumped her body on the floor and pull her hair.

(I kissed him back!)

Her eyes shut, (So is he, my boyfriend, again?) she asked herself.

(No! It can't be) she talks to herself like she's a psycho who escaped the mental.

She got up and walks to the window to check if Ken has turned off the light. She opened it to peep but Ken was also looking at the window, staring at her window's direction.

(Gosh! He saw me) thinking that, she slammed the window closed and sat on the floor.

(Why did I even look?) she tugs her hair once again.

"Ok, Novie, you are thirty, not thirteen, stop acting like Taylor Swift in her 'You belong with me' music video" she murmured silently as she walks back and forth.

Suddenly her phone buzzed, she looked at it and saw Ken's number. She might have lost her phone but Ken's number tattooed in her mind.

(Goodnight) after reading it a silent squeal let out from her throat, her mind fuzed with all the mix feeling she had inside.

The next day.

Novie got up like a zombie, she walks downstairs without a soul and her mother noticed it.

"what happened to you?" her mother asked and handed her a coffee.

After the aroma scent entered Novie's nose, her blood rushed, and she immediately drank the half of it, her tongue numbed by how hot the coffee was.

"hm.. coffee is the second best thing in the world" she murmured silently but her mother heard it.

"what's the first?" Novie gulped and widened her eyes, she was not expecting for her mother to hear it. It meant to stay in her mind

She avoided her mother's eyes and stood up.

"need to shower" she finished her coffee and rushed to the toilet before her mother can ask more question.

In the next house, the whole kitchen was a mess.

Ken pressed his lips together and looked at his phone. He searched a way to make a simple breakfast, but he turned the fire too high that the egg burnt.

He took the pan and put it in the sink.

"Damn it. I will just order breakfast." Then he dialed his sister number.

"Daniella, I need you to find a restaurant that can deliver to Ander's house" he spoke without greeting her. He never experienced orde

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