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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 18 Chapter 18: Mary's specialty
After Novie left, Angelo and Mary looked at each other. A smile was on Mary's lips.

"stop with your smile Mary, don't try to push Novie with that man. He's the brother of Ander's boss which means he's rich, plus he's single and handsome so I am sure he's a player" Angelo spoke in a serious tone.

Mary twitched her lips, "Don't you remember? He's here to get his fiancé back. So-"

"exactly. If he already had someone he loves then don't push your daughter to him, she might get hurt"

Mary sighed, thinking that her husband was right. "I am worried about Novie, our son Brent is player so I am not scared for him to grow old alone, for sure he had a kid lost somewhere, but Novie, she's 30 it's hard to get a husband at that age"

Angelo stared at her, "I will try to talk to my junior police if someone is interested in dating her"

"no! absolutely not. I've seen all your juniors and they are too ugly; you must find someone which is handsome or the same level of Mr. Chu"

Angelo sighed and continue with his food. "then forget about her getting married. I don't know anyone at his level."

Mary pours the water on her husband's glass and replied. "let's see what kind of woman does Mr. Chu ex is, maybe Novie is better than her." She winked at her husband.


Novie and Ken entered the house and saw her parent sitting in the living room, seems like they had finished their dinner

(How long was I gone) she asked herself.

Her parents looked at them, "you two can eat. We have finished" then they shifted their eyes back to the television, watching a drama

Novie flattened her face, when she turned to Ken, the man had a confused look.

"Let's go" she murmured and lead the way.

They sat opposite to each other; Ken looked at the unfamiliar food on the table. "Which one do you want?" he asked, Novie lifted her face to look at him. She thought that maybe Ken is asking for her opinion so she pointed at her favorite food.

She was surprised when Ken put the food in her plate, her eyes went round and looked back at her parents, seeing that they were looking at Ken with their lips parted, she gave them an awkward smile.

"Ha... ha, I think he wants me to try the food first to check if it's poisonous" she blurted and shifted to Ken, glaring at him.

"What are you doing?" she whispered in an angry voice. Ken looked at her with confusion.

"I always do this before, don't you remember?" she felt butterfly after hearing those words, he was right. Before, he always serves her food doesn't matter where they are, she loves it because it shows how much he loves her, but her parents are watching and she doesn't have a plan to explain their situation.

She sighed and give up. They are eating when the doorbell rang.

She was about to stand when her mother stops her, "Just eat Novie" her mother winked at her.

Novie was shocked, she thought she needs to open the door since they were busy watching.

"Hi Auntie Mary, Uncle Angelo, your beautiful daughter is here, now where is my ugly twin" It was Mila, she was close to her parents since childhood and they always treated her as their own daughter.

"She's in the dining with our guest, go and join them" It was her father,

Novie's heart skips a beat. Ken is here and so as Mila, it means trouble.

Her hand started shaking and tried to find a way to escape, but it's too late, Mila just entered the dining with her lips parted with shock.

"Who... what? Why?" Mila was lost of words, then she turned to Novie's mother.

"Am I missing something here? When did Novie's ex---" Novie interrupted her after covering her lips with a hand, then she laughed awkwardly

"Mama, she meant, ahm... Ex... X-ray" she hides her stuttered voice behind her laugh.

"Yeah, that's it. She's asking if I missed my x-ray exam. But Mila it was good so why don't we stuff some food to your mouth to shut you up?" she discreetly glared at Mila.

Seems like th

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