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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 22 Chapter 22: Mila's suggestion
In the classroom.

The fifteen students sat on their chair after Novie came in, the room became quiet and everyone stared at her.

Since her uniform got dirty, Novie put on a casual half sleeve white shirt and jeans, she put her books on the table and smiled at them.

"Good Morning everyone" the student stood up and greeted her.

"Good Morning Ms. McSalter," she asked everyone to sit down, and she went on with her lesson.

The bell rang, lunchtime, Novie left the room and proceed to the cafeteria.

The whole place was full of students and teachers who are taking their break, the student sat next to their fellow students while the teachers from different department gathered.

She's new and she doesn't know anyone around. When she saw the empty table, she walks to its direction and put her tray, she was about to take her first spoon when a familiar figure sat opposite to her.

Novie's hand frost while her lips parted with shock, the man in front was no other than he ex-fiance Ken Chu.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, her brows snapped together with confusion.

Ken smiled and lay his hand on the table and folded it, the smile remains on his lips.

"I want to see you" he spoke in a sweet-Sounding tone, Novie was speechless, she heard the whispers around mentioning her name when she looked back, everyone, especially the teachers were looking at her.

She gulps and sweat, "How did you get inside?" she asked, she studied in this school so she knows that the guards will not let anyone come in without a valid reason.

"Through the gate" he replied, Novie flattened her face, seems like Ken hasn't changed, he's still a joker.

"No, really, why are you here?" she glared at him, showing she's not in a mood for a joke.

"I said I want to see" he replied. Novie sighed, realizing Ken doesn't have a plan to answer her question.

"Why do you want to see me?" she spoke and ate her food, the man stared at her so deeply with his grey eyes.

"My day is not complete without seeing your pretty face," he said straight, she almost choked after hearing it.

She drank the water and looked at him with amusement.

"Ken, that pick-up line had died along with my ancestor. So please use an up-to-date pick up" she spoke with sarcasm and rolled her eyes.

But the man was not a bit embarrassed, he's still staring at her.

After she finished her food, Novie got up and clean her table and proceed to her classroom, meanwhile, Ken followed her like a lost puppy.

She stopped by the door and turned to Ken, "You don't have a kid here so you can't stay" Novie stated and reached on the doorknob, but Ken stops her.

"Wait, Can I just sit inside and watch you? I will not make any sound." he requested. Novie wanted to laugh, she tried to imagine Ken inside the room full of six-year-old kids.

"If you have a kid, then I can allow you inside but you don't have so you can't get it" she pressed her lips and crin

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