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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 12 Chapter 12: Go get your princess
McSalter Residence.

The whole family were enjoying their dinner when the phone ring, Novie's mother got up and answered it.

"Hi Anders, How are you?" Novie turned to her mother after hearing her cousin's name.

"Ok, I will clean your house" then she ended the call and went back to her chair.

Novie's father looked at her mom, "Is Anders coming back?" he asked.

Mary shook her head, "No, someone will rent his house, probably his friend" she replied.

Novie is listening to their conversation while eating her food, "Who?" she asked.

Mary shrugged her shoulder, Anders didn't mention a name, "Novie, Do you know a young woman named Selena?" Novie nodded.

"Yes, she's my boss niece, why?" her mother twitched her lips.

"I think she's Anders girlfriend" Novie almost spit the water she's drinking after hearing it.

"What? that's impossible!" she exclaimed, she had seen Selena, her personality and the way she talks and she's certain that it's impossible.

"How come? Didn't you saw his Facebook profile? It says he's in a relationship with Selena Su" Novie gasped with disbelief, she closed her Facebook account five years ago.

"That's ... ahem… shocking. Selena.. she's ah..." Novie wanted to describe her but she could not find the right word.

"Nevermind, when is the new neighbour coming?" she asked.

"He said in the next two days" Novie got up and clean her own plate when she stands in the kitchen, her brother put his plate on the sink.

She glared at him, "Wash your own dishes" she complained.

"You're the woman, this is your job" hearing those words made Novie's blood to flare.

"Why don't you get a woman who can wash your plate" her brother sneered.

"I don't need, you're already washing my plate" Novie flattened her expression and stared at her hands, he was right, she's already washing his plate without her knowing it.

"Can you get a wife and move out" she yelled at him, Brent turned his back and sat on the couch.

"I will not move out until you do" Novie crinkled her nose, she never wins an argument to her brother.

"Ma' Can you throw him out, he has an apartment, he can stay there" she complained but her mother shook her head and handed her the rest of the plate.

"You and your brother need to stop fighting and find someone to marry, so your father and I can have a peace" she complained back.

"Now wash this too" her mother ordered and sat next to her brother. Novie pouted, just because she's the youngest in the house, she gets to do all the work.

She felt a pat on her shoulder when she turned, she saw her father.

"Don't worry Novie, I have junior police you can date. He's not good-looking but his personality is fine" Novie was speechless, thinking how can her father say something like this.

"Here, wash this glass" then he put the glass on the sink.

Novie sighed and shut her eyes, her brother said she's the favourite kid but she disagrees.

After she finished the dishes, Novie dried her hand, she was about to sit when the doorbell rang.

She looked at her family and saw them staring at her, she knows that look; they wanted her to open the door.

Novie blows a sigh and walks to the door. As she opens it, her eyes widened to see her best friend Mila.

"Ah!!!!" they both screamed at the same time.

"Oh my god!, you're still alive" Novie blurted and hug her.

"And you do too!" Mila replied. Instead of offering her to come in, Novie grabs her hand and run outside.

Mila is her best friend since high school, the girl moved to Seoul after her mother remarried to a Korean. After that they communicated via Skype or WhatsApp and Mila is the only person who knows about her relationship with Ken.

They sat on the bench and Novie stared at her.

She noticed that Mila had gained weight; she was just as petite as her but her skin is brown while her eyes were round and black.

Her appearance had changed, but her personality is

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