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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 25 Chapter 25: Furious Angelo
Ken wrapped an arm around Novie's waist and buried his face to her shoulder.

"Don't they have a babysitter?" Novie continued asking, Ken grunted and looked at her.

"Can we stop talking about them?" he complained, Novie shook her head.

"I want to know" she insisted, Ken sighed,

"They change babysitter every week. One time, they almost killed one of their babysitters when Ethan and Leo tried to practice acupuncture to that poor babysitter" Ken clicked his tongue, the triplets action was not a surprise to him since their mother is not normal.

"So Daniella decided to let her friends to look after her kids since they were immune to Daniella's lifestyle and it worked for some time. Now can we stop talking about them?"

"No" She replied, "What about Matthew and Peyton? do they have a kid?" As she said the question, Ken bursts, she glared at him asking him to stop.

"Those two fights every day, the only time they don't argue is when they are in bed" hearing it, Novie also bursts.

"That's funny, What about Evan and Daniella? Also your other friend Glen. And oh! Selena and Anders, my mom say they-" her eyes went round. All her words disappear when Ken sealed their lips.

She tried to push him but the man lay over her. "You just can't stop talking, huh!" Ken spoke in a hoarse voice, Novie pouted and tried to push him but the man was too strong.

"I will stop asking, let me go back to my work. I have test papers to correct" Ken obediently stood up and helped her.

Without asking, Ken picks up the test paper from the table and handed it to her.

"Thank you" she smiled and looked at it.

"Do you need help?" Ken asked. She looked at him and shook her head, "Nope, I can handle it"

Ken sat behind her and massages her shoulder, "Don't you want to continue your school? I thought you want to be a psychologist"

"Nope. I love my job" She replied but her eyes were focused on the papers.

It took her almost half an hour to finish the papers when she looked at Ken the man was sleeping so tightly on her bed.

Her lips curved up a smile and covered his body with a blanket. Then she turned off the light and lay next to him.

Meanwhile outside of Novie's bedroom.

Mary's body frost, her mind was exploding while eavesdropping. She could hear a man and Novie's voice inside but she could not understand their conversation.

Her hand holds on the rails to support her trembling body. Then she went downstairs and looked at her husband and Brent.

The two looked at her with concern, her face was pale which made them worried.

"What's wrong? Is Novie alright?" Angelo asked.

"Yes, but am… Brent, does Novie and Malvin are back together?" Mary asked, her son shook his head.

"I don't think so" he answered, "Why?" Angelo asked.

Mary's finger pointed upstairs and reply absently.

"I think Novie is with a man upstairs, it might be Malvin" as she said those word, Angelo stood up raging.

"That woman! How can she disrespect us" then he rushed upstairs while Mary and Brent followed him

Back in the room.

Novie opened her eyes after a loud knock woke her up.

She looked at Ken who's sleeping beside her, she could hear her father screaming.

"Novie! who's with you? Is he a real man? Why can't he face us instead of sneaking into your room? Open the damn door!" even Ken woke up by the loud noise.

"You need to go" Novie pull Ken's body and push him toward the window, the man was still half asleep and shirtless.

"What? I can face him. I don't have a problem with that" he stated and grabbed his shirt on the floor. Novie glared at him.

"You need to go, my parents will be furious if they find you here. They thought I was their thirty-year-old virgin daughter," she exclaimed while opening the window.

But Ken didn't move, he stood in front and smile at her.

"Stop smiling" Novie was pissed, despite their situation, ken still found a time to tease he

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