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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 3 Chapter 3: Favorite Child
She opened the small gate of their house, but before that, she looked at her right side; It was her Auntie Vilma's house, Ander's mother. It's been empty since Anders parents died, they said it was a car accident but they found bullets in their body, since then, Anders took his father's job to support his sister education, whose now living in London.

She sighed and left; she forgot how much she loves the city, the people, their warm smile, the fresh air and the beaches.

Thinking of beaches, excitement pounded her heart, she smiled and run to her mother's friend's house in the next street.

She stopped in front of a bungalow house, then she knocked on the closed door. As it open, her mother's surprised face greeted her.

"Mama, I am back" she widened her arms to hug her but a big slap landed on her face.


Shock filled her face, she touched her red cheek and looked at her mother.

"Mama?" fumed was all over her mother's beautiful face, minutes later, the hard face softens and hugs her.

"Oh Gosh! My baby is back" her mother exclaimed and tightened her embrace. Seeing that changes of her mother's mood, Novie poker her face.

She feels suffocated by the way she was embracing her, Novie patted her mother's back and asked her to release her.

"Mama, if you're that happy, why did you slap me?" she complained and caressed her cheeks.

The smile on her mother's face disappeared and Novie regretted ever saying those words.

"You want another slap?" her mother asked, Novie shook her head and asked if she can go back home.

"Ok, wait here." her mother said.

"Hey Sonia, my daughter is back, we can continue tomorrow" she yelled, Novie covered her ears by her mother's scream.

"What are you doing here?" she asked her mother while they walk back to their house hand in hand.

"We are playing card" she winked at Novie and tightened the grip to her hand.

Novie sighed and focused her eyes to the street, her mother and Sonia have been friends since they move to Bohol.

"Novie, did you know that Sonia's daughter met a rich businessman in the capital, she will visit next week and she will bring the man" her mother squeal with excitement.

Novie rolled her eyes, Sonia's daughter Rachel was her enemy, the girl has been bullying her for like forever, and now she has a rich boyfriend, she's certain that Rachel will probably make a banner with a word 'I have a rich boyfriend'.

"You should also try to find a rich man, but make sure he's single and handsome, I don't want my grandchildren to be ugly" her mother laugh by her own words. Novie twitched her lips and thought,

(Mother, if you only know, you will probably let my brother rot in the prison as long as I marry Ken)

She knows her mom, she will probably choose her son to be in the prison as long as she gets to marry a rich man, but that doesn't mean her mother doesn't love her brother Brent, but her brother is a troublemaker guy who loves to break woman's heart.

"What about Brent? Where is he?" she asked, curious.

Mary sighed and looked at her, "He came out from the prison some hours ago, they said they didn't have enough proof he killed a person, so probably, he's hiding from the women he slept with" Mary shook her head, disappointed.

When they reached their house, her mother asked her to sleep and rest.

When Novie entered her room, she saw that they have painted it to light blue. Suddenly, she can feel the tears forming in her eyes after realizing that her parents painted her room just like how she wanted it.

She sat on the bed and noticed the new mattress.

"Goodness, papa's salary was not much and yet, they still bought me a new mattress" she feels touch by her parent's love for her. Even she didn't call or message them, they still looking after her.

After changing her clothes to a short and plain t-shirt, she lay on the bed.

Ken's figure appeared in the ceiling, and once again, a pain poke

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