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The alarm from Novie's phone woke her up, she opened her eyes and realized that today will be her first day to work as an adviser for the 1st grader.

Last year she took an internship to the elementary school so she can be a public teacher, she realized that it will be more easy to look after the 7-year-old kids than to be a nursery teacher.

She completed her morning ritual and took her motorcycle key, but before she can start it, she saw her friend Mila's car stopping in front of their gate.

She smiled and turned off her motorcycle; she forgot that Mila promised to drive her to school today.

"You ready?" Mila asked and helped her carry the books, Novie nodded and get into the passenger seat.

It only took 15 minutes for them to reach the school, she climbed down and drop a peck on Mila's cheeks.

"See you" she waves her hand.

"Later, don't forget our date" Mila yelled while watching Novie's back.

Novie went straight to the principal office, she heard that the school just changes its principal, so she's a little nervous.

The Principal's office is on the 4th floor, the whole elementary consist of five buildings with six floors.

She stopped in front and sighed, "Please let it be a nice old woman" she mumbled under her breath.

She knocked and a man's voice said come in.

As she opens the door, she saw a man sitting behind the principal's desk.

She stared at him, black short messy hair, he's wearing a green polo that complimented his fair skin, her nose caught the manly scent around, and when the man got up, Novie was shocked.

(Am I in the right room?) she asked herself, the man in front doesn't look like a principal. He's young, she's guessing around 35 to 40, he had a baby face and his eyes were narrowed and brown.

She gulped and blinked.

"Hi, I am a new teacher here and I am looking for the new principal" she tried to compose her body.

The man smiled, and she saw his dimples, (Whoa! This is shocking) she said to herself.

The man stood and extended his hand, "I am the new principal, John Castro, you must be Ms McSalter" Novie nodded and accepted his hand.

"Please have a seat" he spoke and pointed the chair opposite to his desk.

Then he picks up the folder on the desk and opened it, his eyes read each page and looked at her.

"Well, then Ms McSalter, you can start today. Here's your schedule and you will be the adviser of 1-A class, the classroom is in the 2nd building, ground floor" he handed her the map of the school and got up.

"Good luck on your first day" he smiled once again, Novie nodded and left the office.

(Isn't he too young to be a principal?) she asked herself.

The day passed so quick; she learned that most of her students were at the age of six and seven and more matured than the nursery she handled before.

After the class, she waited for her friend Mila to pick her up but the girl got a stomachache so now she needs to commute.

There was no taxi around, the island is small and the only means of transportation was the bus or the local jeepney. She waited at the bus stop but after twenty minutes, no bus came.

(Damn it! are they on strike?) she blurted inside, pertaining to the bus drivers.

She was sulking in the bus stop when suddenly a car parked in front, when the window rolled down, she could feel her soul jumping out from her body.

"Malvin" she whispered, the man got down from the car and opened the door of the car for her.

"Can I drive you home?" he asked, she stared at him, he looked the same as she remembered.

His black hair and brown skin, she could see that he has been on the gym based on the muscles in his body. For five years of living in the province, she never saw him. She heard he went to the USA to work, but she didn't ask further as she was not interested.

"It's fine, I can wait here" she stated and overjoyed after seeing the bus coming, (Oh God! Thank you bus driver, you ca

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