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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 10 Chapter 10: Erasing Novie from his memory
Anna was exhausted with all the practises they've done today, tomorrow night will be her bachelorette party, and she's planning to invite her best friend Daniella, even though they haven't seen each other for five years, they always communicate through message or video call.

After taking a shower, she lay her body on the bed with the robe around her body.

Suddenly, her window opened, her eyes widened with shock to see Daniella entered her room through the window.

Her whole face lit up with excitement, "Daniella" she called out her name, but the woman's expression was too dark, darker than the night outside.

Anna screwed up her face out of confusion; the woman is standing by the window with her hand crossed.

"Anna" she could hear the coldness in Daniella's voice, making her skin to shiver.

"What is it?" she walks to her direction but Daniella asked her to stand still.

"Do you know why Novie left?" her questions made Anna's body hardened, she gulped repeatedly and lowered her head.

"What are you talking about?" she stuttered.

"You are my friend Anna, that's why I came here before going to my brother" Anna could feel her heart tightening, she started sweating after realizing that Daniella must have known the truth.

"Be straight to me Daniella" she gave up, there's no reason to lie anymore if Daniella already knows the truth.

"We both know what I am talking about, so please Anna. Tell Ken the truth, and if he still wants to marry you, then I will not interfere" With those words, the tears that she has been holding dropped.

She knows that one day Ken will find out the truth, but she was hoping it will be after he loves her, not now.

Anna walks to Daniella's direction and held her hand, her eyes flooded with tears.

"Please Daniella, don't do this. I love him and if I tell him the truth now, he will hate me" she said in between her sobs but Daniella's face remained blank, no emotion.

"You're my friend Daniella, please I am begging, I will tell him the truth but not now" she continued, but Daniella pulled her hands and glared at her.

"Don't use that friend card to me, you lost it five years ago. And you know what, Novie didn't hurt Ken, you and his mother did it," she yelled at her.

Anna hardened her face and tried to fight back her tears from flowing again, she thought that she spent five years trying to replace Novie to Ken's heart, and she knows that she's getting closer.

"It's your fault for pushing Ken to me. I already gave up then you came and gave me false hope and now that I finally have a chance to be with him, you want me to leave him? Daniella, if you have a conscience, then give me time" she stated and turned her back. She doesn't want to talk to Daniella anymore, suddenly she realized why Bea asked her to avoid Daniella, now she understands.

The woman opened the window but before leaving, Daniella said something that made her knee weakened.

"I know it's my faul

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