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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 23 Chapter 23: The grandfather
Novie is standing outside the school gate waiting for Ken to pick her up. Her class ended early so she texted Ken about the time adjustment.

She sat on the wooden bench under the tree, she put her bag beside her and the test paper on her lap while she tied up her shoulder-length black hair.

Suddenly a strong wind blows and all the test papers flew away, her face went pale and starts picking up the papers.

(Tsk!) she clicked her tongue, exasperated.

She had it arranged alphabetically and now she needs to starts again. She was about to pick the last page when a hand picked it up and handed it to her.

Novie lifted her face and saw the principal, earlier he came to her classroom to inform her about the PTA meeting for the student's parents.

"Thank you Mr. Castro" she smiled and accepted the papers.

"No problem Ms. McSalter, but if we're outside the school I prefer you to call me John" the man also smiled at her.

"Ok John thank you" she giggled and looked at the road, she recognized Ken's car.

The car parked in front of them and Ken came out with a serious expression.

"Hey, are you all right?" Ken wrapped a hand around her waist and looked at her with concern.

"Yes," she replied and turned to John, "See you tomorrow" Ken took her bag and opened the car door for her.

After the two Left, John's soft expression hardened, he took his phone out from his pocket and dialed a number.

"Spread the news around the Island that the former Blue Dragon boss is here, give the details of his address but make sure Novie will not get hurt. Understand?" after the man on the other line confirms it, he ended the phone call and stared at the direction where the car disappear.

(You can't be with him Novie, anyone but not him)

In the car.

Novie felt the deafening silence inside, she gulped repeatedly and tried to starts a conversation but Ken only said 'yes' or 'no'.

Novie gave up, she doesn't know why Ken is not talking to her.

"Ken, is there something wrong? Why are you in such a bad mood?" she looked at him but the man had his eyes focused on the road.

When he didn't respond, she blows a sigh.

"Ken!" she called out his name.

The man stopped the car and looked at her, "I'm sorry, I was not used of seeing you talking with another man" her lips parted with shocked, he was right, when they were in a relationship, she never spoke to other men or even smile at them.

She held his hand and caress it slowly.

"Are you jealous?" she asked teasingly, Ken turned to her with his brows creased.

"Yes, of course" he exclaimed. Novie flattened her expression, she thought Ken would deny it but the man said yes without blinking.

(Hmp) she was planning on teasing him but there was no reason too. The man had admitted it.

"Don't be, he's the principal of the school and I am not interested in him" she blurted. The man sighs and pulled her body to hug.

"I don't mean to be upset to y

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