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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 38 Chapter 38: Mary McSalter
The table is set and all the food around looks so delicious. Mary called everyone to come to the dining.

Brent took an extra chair for the guest, they all seated and talk while waiting for Daniella and Peyton.

The doorbell rang, Ken and Evan looked at each other, imagining Daniella's surprise face.

Novie walks to the door and opened it. Shock painted on her face to see Daniella with Peyton, the clothes Daniella have was something she had never seen.

Peyton was wearing a red mini skirt, showing her assets while Daniella was wearing a black slack and a gray coat underneath her light blue polo.

She wants to greet them but the two were arguing.

"I told you we are going to a meeting, not a freaking bar, why did you wear that. All the boards are staring at your boobs instead of focusing on me" Daniella complained.

Peyton crossed her arms and her boobs almost popped out from her dress, "Hey, it's not my fault that my boobs exceeded your beauty" Peyton blurted.

Daniella gasped and rolled her eyes, "I don't care about your boob, people thought I was a pimp by bringing you instead of Ken" Peyton wave a hand in the air, asking Daniella to shut up.

"Hi, food is getting cold so why don't we continue this later" Novie interrupted them with her nose crinkled.

The two looked at her and smiled.

"Oh my god! Novie I missed you!" Daniella pulled her body to hug, Novie was shocked, Daniella was her boss but they were so close like now.

"Thank you, Ken mentioned that you were here some days ago" Novie spoke and greeted Peyton.

"You look so sexy Peyton, where's Matthew?" Novie asked and lead the way to the dining.

"He's in the house, I must have forgotten to untie him from the bed" Peyton blurted while following her.

Daniella and Peyton laughed at the same time, "We should have left some food on the bed so the ants will climb and bite him" Daniella suggested.

"Shut up Daniella, Matthew is my husband, a little respect please" The two looked at each other with a serious face… then,

"Ha ha" the two laughed at the same time, not minding where they are.

They have reached the dining, the triplet was about to run to their mother when suddenly…

"Oh my god! You came back!!!" a voice from behind of Daniella spoke.

Everyone turned to its direction.

"Peyton, darling are you really here?"

Brent widened his eyes in shock, the woman in front was the first woman he ever love. The reason why he never involved himself to a serious relationship, was because he was waiting for her to show up.

The small woman in front looked so elegant in her office suit, he walks to her direction and hugs her.

"Oh gosh, Peyton I thought you were never coming back" His eyes shut, and reminisced the time they were chat mates. He was not expecting to see her in person.

The girl pushed him away.

"I am sorry but my name is Daniella and this is Peyton" the woman said and pointed at the girl beside her

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