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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 32 Chapter 32: Breakfast at McSalter
Ken woke up by the vibration from his phone, his hand searched for his phone under the pillow while his eyes were still closed.

He and Novie talked until two in the morning, they mostly talked about her work and his stressful it was

He answered the phone and put it on his ears

"hm.." he moaned, his spirit hasn't returned to his body

"my kids are in your girlfriend's house. I sent Ethan an email of their school papers so can enroll them to Novie's class. Goodbye"

Then the phone call ended, and Ken snoozed off.


Novie helped her mother serve the breakfast to the triplets, the three were obediently sitting and ate the food without complaint.

Novie watches the triplets, Ethan and Leo looked so much like Evan while Alexandria has her mother's features and even her attitude.

She blows a sigh, Ken told her yesterday they came here to help their uncle get her back but they don't need too, she had accepted Ken's feelings, though they still need to keep it to her father. Her mother and Brent know about their relationship, she was just not sure how Brent found out but it didn't bother her at all.

She saw the closeness of Ken and her brother, her mother said that every time she's at work, the two hang out on the front porch and talk about cars and other guy stuff.

"Ethan, does your uncle knows that you are all here?" Novie asked Ethan who was busy transferring the ham from his bread to Alexandria.

The boys stopped and looked at her, his face was emotionless.

"No. He's still sleeping after the long phone call last night" Novie's eyes went round, she was not expecting the kids to know about the conversation she had with Ken

"what time did you sleep?" she asked the triplets.

"after you finished the phone call" Alexa blurted without thinking, her brother Ethan glared at her which made her eyes widened.

Novie's hand trembled, she looked at her father who seems thinking so deep. She gulped and sweat, uncertain of her next move.

"Ah, my stomach!!! My stomach!!!" Alexa complain while her body curled up like she's in pain.

Novie's parents went panic and immediately went to Alexa and asked her what' wrong when she looked at Alexa's brother, they seem unbothered. They are eating as if nothing was happening around.

Novie's father carried Alexa while her mother massages her stomach, she took the chance and lean forward to Ethan

"are you not worried?" she asked. The boy looked at her with an emotionless face.

"she's faking it so your father will forget about what she said, she always uses that trick to daddy"

Novie widened her eyes in shock, Alexa has so many tricks and surely knows how to escape a situation.

She sighed and stood up,

"Pa, give her to me, I will bring her to the toilet" she rides Alexa's charade. Her father handed Alexa, and they both went straight to the toilet.

After Novie closed the door behind her, she squatted on the floor and held Alexa's hand.

"Alexa you don't need to help your uncle. I am his girlfriend now but I will need time before I can tell this to my father so please let's be careful ok?" she asked in a low and soft tone.

The girl nodded and smiled, "ok"

Novie was about to touch her hair but the girl moved away.

"Please don't touch my cheeks or my hair, I don't like"

Novie shut her eyes, realizing that Alexa is worse than her mother.

"ok let's go" then she flushed the toilet, and they both went out.


Ken opened his eyes and thought that something wasn't right. He got out of the bed and went to the toilet.

When he went to the living room, he couldn't find the triplets, and at that moment, terror overcomes his face.

"Alex's, Ethan Leo where are you?" he went to the other room, but the kids were not in there.

His mind thought of calling his sister, with that he went back to the room and dialed her number when he suddenly saw that she had called earlier.

His eyebrow creased a

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