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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 35 Chapter 35: The ruthless Ken Chu
Novie brushed her palms together, confused with what's happening.

"He's still alive right?" she asked Ken who seemed not bothered by the situation, the man looked at her and shrugged his shoulder.

Novie's expression went poker, she switched her eyes to Leo who's still writing, as if no one came in.

"Leo, what are you doing?" she asked and walked to his direction, the little boy didn't bother to look at her.

"I am almost finish Aunt Novie, I just need to sign the last paper and..." Leo spoke in slow motion while his hand was busy flipping the pages.

"Done!" Leo blurted and wave the paper in the air. Novie was confused.

She tried to get the paper from him but the boy grabbed Ethan's wrist and drag him out of the office, before leaving she heard Leo asking Ethan where is the Admin office located.

The two kids didn't bother to close the door as they rushed out of the office, Novie turned to Ken.

"What is happening here? He's still alive right?" she asked Ken one more time.

Ken walked to the principal's direction and kicked the pillow on his face, his face shifted in disappointment.

"Unfortunately, yeah. Bad grass is really hard to kill huh!" Ken replied with his mouth twisted.

Novie went panic, she squatted on the floor to check his pulse but Ken stopped her.

"Let Alexa do it" He put Alexa down and let the girl handle it.

"Does she know how to check it?" Novie asked in confusion.

"Yes, their mother's taught them, don't worry he's not their first victim" Ken replied, unsympathetic with the situation.

Novie blinked, her lower lip quivered in nervous, unsure what to do.

Alexa sat on the floor and stared at the Principal, then her finger pokes the principal's eyes.

Novie's jaw went slack, disbelief with Alexa's action, the girl kept on poking the principals' eyes as if it was a doll then later slap the principal's cheek repeatedly.

Novie's face turned scarlet, she doesn't know whether to laugh or get angry.

"I thought she knows how to check it?" Novie asked Ken, the man looked at her, his heavy eyebrow were snapped together.

"I thought so too," he replied and turned to Alex.

"Lexi, don't you know how to check a person's pulse? I thought your mother taught you that?" the little girl got up and patted her butt to remove the dust on her skirt.

"I don't need to learn, Ethan and Leo will do it for me. Mommy said all I need to do is to learn how to control the boys" Alexa's round eyes blink, her brown pupils turned ash gray showing how exhausted she was.

"Uncle Ken, let's go and eat." then Alexa held Ken's hand while the other seized Novie's hand.

"Let's go. He will survive, it's only tranquilizer, not a venom" Alexa dragged them out of the office without waiting for their response.

"What about him?" Novie asked while walking away, when she looked at Ken and saw the darkness under his lashes, she decided to shut up. If she insisted on helping John, she's certain that she'll need to spend the whole night explaining herself.

Novie went back to her class while Ken and the triplets went back home after her mother called that the triplets father (Evan Su) is in the house.

After they left, Novie went to the Principal's office to check on him, it's not because she's worried but she doesn't want the triplets to be in trouble.

She knocked on the door, seconds later, it opened and John' s pissed off expression greeted her.

"Hi" She smiled awkwardly, she folded her palm together and wait for him to speak.

"Hi, I just met the kids and they are something," John spoke and widened the door for her.

"Don't you have a class?" he asked, Novie entered the room and occupy one of the chairs.

"Yes, but the students are taking notes so I thought of checking on you. Are you all right?" she asked in a worried voice.

The man chuckled, "Don't worry about my body, but I think my job is about to end. I received a call from the Dep

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