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amaliaverdezoto > My Ex-Fiance Next Door > 36 Chapter 36: The drool
Ken and the triplets had arrived in the house after they park the car, the triplets hesitated to come down and he understands why.

He opened the door and bored his eyes at them, "Look your mother is not here, it's only Evan" saying that the triplets immediately removed their seatbelts and rushed out of the car.

Ken's expression went poker, thinking how can the triplets be so scared of their mother who always had a smile on her face than their father who looked like the person that's been sentenced to death.

He sighed and locked the car , when they entered the gate, they heard Mary's voice talking to Evan.

"Daddy!!!" the three throws themselves to their father's arm, while Evan squatted on the floor and hugs them.

Evan carried Alexa and Leo in his arm while Ethan hugs his tight.

Ken walks to him, he wanted to give him a brotherly hug but his whole body was covered with the triplets body.

Ken turned to Mary, "Is it possible to leave the triplets here? I will need to speak to my brother in law about their school.

Mary smiled at him, "No problem, but are they going to leave now? I thought Angelo can bring them to his work party on Saturday" Mary spoke in a worried voice.

"Don't worry my wife will only talk to them, they will be back tomorrow morning" Evan replied, his face was so serious.

Mary nodded and smiled awkwardly, she noticed that Evan was much colder than Ken.

"I will go and make a snack for the triplets if your wife is coming maybe we can all have dinner, how's that?" Mary switches her eyes between Ken and Evan, waiting for them to accept her request.

"No problem, but please don't put any sesame oil or anything with sesame, my wife is allergy to it" Evan requested.

Mary widened her arms and took Alexa and Leo from Evan.

Ken and Evan left the house and proceed to Ander's house.


Novie parked the car in front of the gate after she noticed that their small garage has been occupied by another car.

She came out from the car and saw her brother Brent's car parking behind her, the man walks to her direction with his forehead furrowed in confusion.

"Do we have a visitor?" Brent asked, they entered the gate and she figured out that it must be Evan's car.

"I think its the triplets father" She replied and entered their house.

They found the triplets in the kitchen eating while her parents are watching them, their eyes shimmered with excitement as they watched the three kids eating.

Novie sighed, "Ethan, your father is here right?" she asked, the boy looked at her direction and nodded.

"Yes. he's with Uncle Ken" Ethan replied and went back to his food.

"What about your mother? Is she here?" Novie asked, this time, Leo turned to answer her question.

"Mommy will be here later." Then the boy turned to Mary, "Can I have more please?" Mary got up and gave Leo another serving.

"Are we going to send them a bill for all the food they ate?" Brent blurted, the

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