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After ordering Sebastian to stand up, I cough to change the topic.

"As I already mention to you yesterday, I will be giving you something that will accelerate plant growth," I said in confirmation about the matter yesterday.

"Yes! Might I know what the thing is, Young Master?" Not minding the previous matter, Sebastian asked curiously.

As if waiting for that response, I clap my hand to give a sign then two 'All Purpose Robot' came while bringing two barrels in their hand.

Sebastian was curiously viewing the barrels and the robots with an eye that were full of sparkle as if they were unique to him. Then, the barrels were presented in front of me before the two robots dips out.

I open one of the barrels and from inside were revealed to be some kind of white-colored sand that was reflective of the light that got to it.

"This is Phosphorus Nitride, a thing that I mean yesterday!" I introduce Sebastian a great invention that will help the growth of crops.

Hearing what I said, Sebastian was confused as he scrutinized his gaze to the Phosphorus Nitrate inside the barrels before he gazes back at me and said,

"This sand-like thing was capable to accelerate plant growth? Popostus nitrit?" Sebastian's face was full of confusion as he gazes back and forth the barrels and me.

'Ahh… Of course, he will be confused but to think that he never hears this kind of thing was quite surprising!' My back starts having a cold sweat as I was confused on how to explain it.

"It is some kind of fertilizer that was made from rock that was rich in Phosphor and Nitrogen… For more detail, I will show you this." After said that, I open the second barrel and show him the contents.

From inside were chunks of rock with a pale-yellow colored and rock with gray reddish-brown colored on it. I gathered it from the deposit of metal that the robots were mining before.

Just then, I take out the yellow rock and gray-red rock from the barrel and start explaining it.

"This rock that had the pale-yellow color was a rock that was rich in Phosphor….. It could be found in surface and deep mines…. As for this one with the gray reddish-brown colored on it were a rock that rich in Nitrogen….. " I explain the rock nonstop to make Sebastian understand what it was and what it contains, and also the place where it comes from.

Lily who was standing beside me all this time started to dose off as she yawns multiple times before she falls half asleep while standing.

Sebastian was nodding his head with a crease in his forehead as if he were trying his best to understand what I said while probably only understood half of it.

"That's all about what it is. Do you understand what I just said?" I gaze at Sebastian while ignoring the dozing Lily at the side.

"Of course, Young Master! But may I ask? What is Phosphor and Nitrogen?" Sebastian gaze at me with a puzzled expression of the word.

"Ah… Forget it! I will give you a book later that will explain from the basic." I roll my eyes as I completely give up on explaining things before continuing, "The most important thing is that we need to gather this kind of rocks before grinding them into dust, then spread it before watering them with water into the crops field in the fief!"

"Will it be effective, Young Master?" A doubtful look was plastered on Sebastian's face. After all, would a rock even affect anything to the soil fertility?

"Of course, it is! The harvest of the crops in the fief will be at least five times that of before and will also heal the exhausted land more effective than simply using manure!" I nod with a proud smile.

"That's wonderful! It must be another great invention of the Young Master's Master! The things he makes before were all a brilliant discovery!" Sebastian misinterprets with certainty.

"Uhum… Yes, it is! There will be more of his invention in the future so don't be too surprised." As it was already too late to correct him and as

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