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to make the origin of the discovery more credibility. I decided to just dump it into my non-existence master whatsoever.

Although, if it was really needed for me to show my 'Master', I already had something in mind to take care of that problem.

"Anyway, I want you to gather personnel in the fief for gathering this kind of rocks, and I will give you an instruction manual on how to process and use it at the field," I ordered as I throw back the rocks to the barrel before closing it.

"Yes! I will do as you wish!" Sebastian bows his head a little with his usual hand position at his left chest.

"Good." Then, I take out a box full of five strange transparent vials in a small tube case and gave it to him.

"This is a vial full of microscopic nanobot that I named and were useful for the body while also could kill all kinds of disease. I want you to give it to Sir Gareth, the head maid Tia, Magistrate Bryant, and the others that were very trustworthy!" I added in a resolute and firm attitude.

"Of course, leave this task to me!" Sebastian takes the box carefully from me before storing it in his pocket.

"Oh, also called Tia to my office! I had a task for her" I added.

Then, Sebastian nods his head before dismissing himself and going into the mansion.

As the conversation was finished, Lily who was still half asleep while standing beside me immediately burst out and stared at me with a little bit of resentment.

Seeing that stare, I was confused and demanded,

"What is that stare for?"

"Hum" Lily puffed out her cheeks and cast her gaze away.

'This… Did I do something wrong? She must have been bored and got dejected since I ignore her yawning sign.' I thought confused while scratching my cheek with my forefinger.

"Okay-okay, here... have some candy." Then, I take out one candy out of the box and gave it to her.

Lily immediately take it from my hand and the resentful stare on her face was gone and change into a smile as if it never has been in the first place.

'A 10 years old child in this world sure is simple! Or is it just Lily being the special case here?' I cast that thought aside as we get into the mansion.

After that, I wait at the office with Lily until I hear a knock at the door. As I give my confirmation, a woman with a sharp gaze came from outside before salute to me.

"You called, Young Master?"

I nod my head and said while pointing at Lily, "The reason I call you here was to teach this girl some common sense and basic ethics."

As Lily had been asleep for more than a millennium and her past memory was gone except some basic memory to functions as a normal human being, I decided to have the head maid Tia teach her.

Just then, Tia gaze her eyes to Lily strangely before gazing back at me with a cold glint in her eyes before asking with a hidden malice in it,

"Isn't she being too early to be a bride? I suggest waiting two to three more years as that were the normal ages for nobles to get wed."

'Pfthhhh…. A bride? A bride you head! And what is with two to three more years? 13 or 14 years old having a marriage? Is that even allowed? Oh yeah, this was a world of Fantasy Medieval Age.' I was lost for word to say as I hear what Tia just said.

"Me? A bride?" Lily was blushing shyly while holding her red tomato cheeks with her two hands.

'Why are you blushing? It's cute alright but this doesn't make sense.' I shake my head with a dim expression. 'I think my reputation was getting worse and worse after I bring her.'

Now that I think about it, for a Lord of a fief bringing a pretty girl around his age to his home. Aren't that asking for a beating? I mean like I was digging my own grave unknowingly.

"Ahem… No, it wasn't for that, she was my junior Lily. She had spent all of her life studying under my Master so her common sense of the world and basic ethics might be lacking, that's why I ask you to teach her." I explain hal

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