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Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Currently, I was still in Oxford City, starting the economy that had been halted in the fief and giving people lower taxes to make the economy work.

I had decided to make a branch of the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce that had been a great source of income, as well as the driving force of the economy in my fief.

The officials that come from Moonmoor had been a great help in managing the city, as the officials original to the city needed time to be fully trusted.

As for the soldier of the Count that had attacked my fief, I decided to check their background and history. The one that had a bad record, I will send them to the mine or the construction labor. As for the one that had a good record, I decided to enlist them to the city and town before they conscripted. Almost half of the remaining was a forced conscripted peasant and I give them a choice whether to serve or go home.

Of course, they would be trained by Sir Gareth first before being placed back, as I don't want a rebel that will stab my back. There's also the previous general of the Count's army that I decided to enlist, as he had a good record and character. After calculating the one being sentenced and the want that wants to go home, the remaining soldier that I will train and enlist was amounted to around 2500 men.

As for the Count and his corrupt officials,

'Hehe… I have a plan in mind' I smirk for the nasty plan that I made, as I thought the miserable fate that will come to them.

Talking about loyalty makes me imagining of something,

"Vonix, is there any way to control someone without using the Mind Chamber?"

["Affirmative, if Master were to upgrade the Fortified Base to two-star and produce the advance nanobot, it's possible to control someone with the nanobot."] A monotone voice suddenly replied.

My eyes shone after hearing that but then dim as I said,

"To upgrade the base further, I will need a lot of magic mineral and soul stone as the core. Forget it, it might take years before I upgrade the base." I sighed dejectedly but then filled with determination to gather it.

After all of the matter in Sanchez County finished being handled and doesn't need my intervention anymore, I decided to go back to my fief with a helicopter that I board before.

As I got back to the mansion, I meet Sebastian in front already waiting for me. I approach him as he raises his gaze to meet me before saying,

"Welcome home, Young Master. The lunch had been prepared at the dining hall."

"Thank you Sebas, lead the way," I replied casually, as I enter the mansion.

"Yes!" he responded and lead.

The lunch today is way better than when the first time I transmigrate to this world. As the fief accumulate more gold because of the Chamber of Commerce. The ingredient uses also become more luxurious.

The lunch today was spaghetti with a mushroom sauce, chicken steak with a barbeque sauce, a classic white brea

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