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"Good, speaking of that, could you explain the progress and situation with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as the situation in the fief?"

"Yes!" Sebastian nods his head and begins explaining.

It began around a week ago, as Sebastian was told to make the Chamber of Commerce. First, he comes to the branch of the Merchant guild to be registered.

In this world, there were all kinds of guild, Merchant guild which use by merchants to exchange information, Mercenary guild which use by lord and king to recruit mercenaries, Alchemist guild that sells all kinds of potion and herb, and much more. But surprisingly, there is no such thing such as Adventures guild that used to appear in typical fantasy for some reason.

Then after he finished registering at the Merchant guild, he starts recruiting people from the mass that was literate and could do basic arithmetic and also some official in the fief as a manager. He also buys an official building in the middle of the town to be used as the headquarter.

A few days after that, I gave him tons of common goods to sell to the people. Surprisingly, the most item that sells the most was soap. The female in the territory instantly fall in love with the soap, it was also popular for males though not as much.

As the Chamber of Commerce grow in popularity, for some reason people start questioning the fortune that the Chamber of Commerce had. Not only it had a glass mirror which was a marvel to the people that were seeing it. It also had all kinds of equipment that defies common logic by them like the Archimedes Pump.

If it wasn't for them mistaking it for magic, they would probably freak out by the logic and idea of the items, there might even be people that will have an ill intention to get the goods for themselves. Well, it's true that all of this item and equipment are ahead of their time. That was one of the reasons the people start calling it the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce.

As the goods were accepted by the people, it drives the economy as new job was being created and started to appear. Such as the assembling of Archimedes Pump, it requires personnel to teach and assemble it. There was also an increase in peddlers to be the middle man to transport goods.

"Good, the goods are well accepted by the people, even though some of them still not quite as popular. Sebas, make the unpopular goods a sample and let some volunteers use it before showing it to the people." I directed as I thought of how to advertise the goods.

"Yes, as you commanded!" Sebastian replied while repositioning his one glasses.

"Oh, also make the branch of the office building at Oxford City!" I appended.

"About that Young Master, what the Kingdom would say about our occupation of the County?" Sebastian asked with concern.

"No need to worry, I had something planned in mind," I reassured him, as I already thought of a plan and start gulping a mouthful of tea.

"It's must have been something to do with the Young Master's Master, Then I don't need to worry." Sebastian misleadingly interprets.

Hearing that, I spurt the tea in my mouth to the side, "Uhuck… of course, it is." Then, I dismissed Sebastian a little embarrassingly.

After finishing lunch, I gathered the remaining robots that didn't defend the town and village. As the soldiers that I liberate still needed some time in training to be loyal to me, I still place around 50 robots to defend the County.

Then, I ordered the rest of 150 robots to start exploring the north so that I could find the ruin of the Ancient Magi. Although before that, I charge the battery of the robots first. As for the ones that were in the County, I already send charger at the transport helicopter though not too much.

The robot could have a battery capacity for around a week since they used a very advanced and efficient battery technology. It seems that it could be upgraded further and might even last more than a month or even a

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