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As 200 robots seems to be not enough force right now, I decided to come to the Assemble Chamber first to make more robots and possibly increase the variety.

After I reach the Assemble Chamber, I began scrolling the list of robots that could be possibly make right now. There were all kinds of interesting robots that I could make, such as Miner Robot, Bomber Robot, Animal Robot, Battle Robot, and Assistance Drone Robot.

'Miner Robot' is just like the name suggested, it is used for mining. They are much faster and better at mining than the 'All Purpose Robot' and as the robots will get bust exploring and protecting the fief, I decided to make them.

The 'Bomber Robot' is a robot that was used for bombing obviously, it sacrifices itself to explode amid the enemies and damage them greatly. Depending on kinds of explosives, if it were to be filled with nuclear, it will even be capable to kill hundreds of real Magi with ease. Unfortunately, to make nuclear, Uranium or Thorium will be needed as the material. Although they are small, they were quite easy to be spot and intercept.

As for the 'Animal Robot' is a kind robot that were capable to be make into any kind of animal, either a spider that had eight leg and were very mobile, or any kind of animal with their trait in the robot, making it quite strong and better than the 'All Purpose Robot' in almost all aspect.

What's interesting about the 'Battle Robot' is that it was made solely for the purpose of fighting. It's battle capability could even stand toe to toe with a 3rd Rank Knight Apprentice unarmed. It was the perfect soldier in the battlefield.

As for the last robot that was interesting, the 'Assistance Drone Robot' is a robot drone that floats 1 meter in the air and was capable to scout and even helping someone attacking, by shooting from the distance. It's a great assistance robot to use.

I pondered for a bit before decided to make 20 'Miner Robot', 10 'Battle Robot', 5 'Animal Robots' that take spider form, 10 'Bomber Robot' filled with TNT, and 3 'Drone Assistance Robot'. Later, I will make more of them but as the material I had was limited, this was the limit.

After finishing that, I go back to the mansion to continue my Breathing Technique, as I wait for the completion of the robots and the report of the exploration.

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