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After convincing myself for having power, I begin to cast my gaze to the miscellaneous items in the middle of the room. As I was scanning through the items, my gaze landed on a mysterious mystic crystal ball that seems so deep that it was making my eyes sink inside of it.

I touch the cold perfect round crystal and try to sync with it. The coldness reminds me of a cold iron grip that usually placed above a balcony wall.

"Knowledge crystal? From what I know from the gloomy Magus's knowledge, knowledge crystal is a way that Magus used to store and passed an important knowledge to their disciple." My eyes shone from the content that might reside at the inside of the knowledge crystal.

"Unfortunately, without someone that could wield mana helping someone that didn't. It is impossible to access the knowledge inside the crystal." I said in disappointment of the fact.

Then, I continue my scanning on the miscellaneous items at the table. There were all kinds of items, magic stones, strange parchment, ink and quill, and a book that seems to be a diary.

"A diary book? Interesting.. Now that I think about it, it should have been more than a millennium that books were stored here but why haven't they deteriorated at all?" I begin questioning the strange thing.

As the translation effect was still active, I begin reading the inside of the book. The content inside was very obscure and a lot of the inside was torn up either accidentally or intentionally.

"The heck? Just what is going on here? The one that writes this must have gone insane!" My face wrinkled with confusion as I flip the book until the very end, and there was one statement that bothers me a lot.

'No matter who that finds this book, no matter what, don't you even think to open the lower floor!! What that monster? the mighty me don't care anymore!'

"Yeah, he must be insane but what really causes the mighty owner of the Magus Tower to become insane, to begin with? I mean his path as a Magus is probably at the stages very high in the sky! At least a Great Magus or even above it." I start having a cold sweat contemplating the cause that makes a Magus insane.

In this world, Magus has a high mental capacity and has a very intelligent brain. For them to be insane is a very serious matter that couldn't be caused by something normal.

As I couldn't think anything much with this obscure clue, I decided to cast that aside for now and continue my search in the room.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye, I begin to pace back and forth in frustration, as I couldn't find anything suspicious that indicate the lead to the third floor.

"This is weird… except for the wall at the back were carved strangely, the 'Assistance Drone Robot' also didn't find anything." My face begins to show a worry expression as I thought hard to find a 'key'.

This is the first time that something couldn't be detected by technology, making me realize the strangeness of magic and this

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