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"Is there someone out there? Please help me!!"

As soon as I hear that scream, I tried to pinpoint the location where it comes from.

"It should be at the northeast around 500 meters from here!" I deducted the distance of the sound.

The only reason I could hear a scream that far was of course because of my enchanted hearing. If I didn't have it, the robot might pick it up though.

Below I can see a slope and some kind of plant monster that had a flower-shaped head like a Rafflesia flower and full of thorns inside. There was also a white-haired girl being lifted right above its mouth.

"Shit! A plant monsters? I need to be quick or it might be too late!" Then, I pointed my pulse rifle to the monster and start firing.

The plant monster was caught off guard and became a beehive soon after. Unfortunately, the girl was thrown to the tree by the monster.

"Oof… Didn't mean to do that."

After seeing her suffer, I came down involuntarily from the helicopter by jumping when it was only 20 or so meters. I drive my qi around my leg and flip my body to minimize impact and land safely.

As I approach her, I hear a sound from behind and see that there are hundreds or even thousands of the plant monster coming out from below the slope after all the commotion here.

"Fuck! How could I fight that many?" My expression was full of horror when I think the total amount of the monster.

Then, I hurriedly grab her hand before saying,

"Follow everywhere I go, don't ever look behind!" Just after I said that I realize that she was quite injured and decided to carry her instead.

The plant monster behind was chasing after me as I start to run for the helicopter in front. The helicopter couldn't descend below 10 meters as there is a lot of trees around blocking it to descend.

'Which leaves me to find an opening.' I tried to find an opening with the 'Assistance Drone Robot' where there are no trees and found one around 100 meters ahead.

"Hold on tight!" I said to the pure girl and she held my neck with her two white hands tightly while closing her eyes. I drive my qi and increase my speed to the maximum.

All of the robots at the helicopters were supporting me by firing their weapon to the plant monster. Unfortunately, even if one were to die three would take their place and if three were to die another ten will appear.

As I was carrying someone, my speed with the monsters was quite the same making me always at the death's door every time the monster was using their vines to grab me.

There was also a strange-looking pollen floating around me and making my vision a bit hazy. If I didn't have driven my qi to keep my consciousness, I would have died a long time ago.

"Vonix, could you scan what kind of creature the plant is?" I asked as I frantically escaping the pursuit of the monster.

["Affirmative, Scanning Initiate… Scanning Completed… The plant monster seems to be known as 'Rafflesia Hypnotic Flower'

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