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A white moon was shining brightly in the sky, illuminating the ground below and making the river in the surroundings reflect the white light. A cold night wind was breezing into the surrounding making anyone staying in here having goosebumps.

There was a town in the middle intersection of the river if seen from the sky the river is long and branch off like the Y alphabet and the town is in the middle of the V intersection making the town safe from any kind of danger. The beauty of the reflecting moon is what makes this town to be named Moonmoor.

The town was full of people and the majority of the town's folk are already asleep in their homes, only just a few places in town is still illuminated by the light and has activity.

Not far from town, there was a mansion. Inside one of the rooms in the mansion where an 11 years old boy sitting with his eyes close in a meditation position above a bed with an open blue book in front of him. A sound of inhaling and exhaling in a rhythmic manner could be heard from the boy. The boy was none other than Alex.

"To reach 1st Rank Knight Apprentice, it was needed to open the source of qi in the body, which meant to open the acupoint of the heart as it was the source of qi." I open my eyes in a sudden action.

"Vonix, could you deduct the amount of time needed to open the acupoint if I were to follow this manual?"

["Scanning initiated… Scanning completed"] A monotone voice suddenly appears in the surrounding.

["From the data gathered, if the host were to cultivate according to this manual and with host's potential, it would be needed 3 months to reach the 1st Rank Knight Apprentice"] Vonix replied with a monotone voice.

"That's too long!" I shake my head impatiently.

Unlike the Magus path that requires soul aptitude, Knight's path doesn't place too much importance to potential even if it was still important. That's one of the reasons why Knight is much more common that Magus is.

'From what I read in the book; it was stated that dual cultivation path's possible but the one that done so is so rare that finding a needle in a haystack is easier.' Alex sneered while pondering what he should do.

After all, no one would stupidly waste time to dual cultivate since it will take too much time unless he or she is a cream of the crops with wealthy backing or just simply stupid.

'Thinking that aside!'

"Vonix, is there any way to make cultivation faster?" I asked suspiciously while rubbing my nose.

["Of course, by building the Synthesize Chamber, it is possible to create a potion and rare nutrition that capable to shorten the time of cultivation"]

"The collecting of iron will still need more time, is there another way to shorten it further?" I shook my head and try to find an alternative.

["Hard physical training every day will help shorten it by 50%, with proper instruction, it will further decrease the time needed by 20% or so"] said Vonix in a monotone voice

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