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Morning came as the sun's ray was brightening a Victorian-style mansion in its own mysterious way. Birds were chirping and singing at the branches of trees that were swaying up and down amidst the naughty wind.

In one of the rooms in the mansion, I was sleeping mindlessly with a white wool blanket covering me.

As time passed, my sense struck me awake from a deep slumber. My eyes twitch and suddenly open strangely. I gaze around the room as if feeling something was odd in an unnatural way.

'Weird, why the left part of my body's hard to move and feels heavy for some reason?' I thought confused, as the blanket was open with my right hand.

Just then, my body almost jumped out in shock as I remembered something from somewhere. There, a figure of a cute and pure white-haired girl sleeping while clinging my left hand was seen.

"Lily! How could you be here!? I'm certain that you were sleeping in your room!" My face distorts in confusion by how Lily was here, as I was confident that I didn't detect someone entering my room last night.

'I had the sense of a 2nd Rank Apprentice Knight so even if a small animal or even a bug were to enter the room, my sense should be able to pick it up!' My hand moves to wake up the sleeping Lily by tapping her cheek for confirmation.

Then Lily as if being disturbed, woke up and rubbed off her dozing eyes. She grumbled as she tried to say something after gazing at me,

"Wyne? Good morning."

"Good… morning?" I was dumbstruck by the mindlessness of Lily then continued as my expression became dimmer, "Lily, why are you in my bedroom?"

"Can I not?" Lily tilted her head confusingly in a cute way with a puppy eye.

Seeing her acting cute, my mouth was almost forced to say yes but then managed to hold myself, "Ye… No, just explain how you could come here undetected!"

"I don't know. I was just sleeping when I wish…" Just Lily was about to continue, her white cheeks suddenly became red as an apple-like she had just thought something embarrassing.

'This girl is definitely had a screw loose in the head!' I shake my head in pity for her.

Suddenly my eyes open wide in realization of something and ask Vonix in my mind,

'Vonix, was her innate power triggered by her desire?'

["Indeed, from what had been captured from the lens in her left eye. She activates her innate ability after wishing something and teleports to the Master's room."] Vonix replied in an unusual man's voice.

'As I thought, but what kind of desire she had to be teleported to my bedroom?' I shook my head as that thought was cast aside to the back of my mind.

"Anyway, if someone were to see us being at the same bed. It might become a misunderstanding!" I said to Lily in a grim look and tried to find a way how to get her away without anyone noticing.

'Wait, physically I'm still 11 years old and she was like 10 years old. What people at medieval age thing about this?' Although my brain was used to its

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