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amaliaverdezoto > The Overspace Magus Emperor > -1 Prologue: Universe Travel
Somewhere in space, an intense space battle was occurring with hundreds of thousands of spaceships encircling one strange-looking giant white spherical ship from all sides. The white spherical ship was so smooth and perfect that if someone were to scan it with an atomic microscope, they wouldn't find any flaw.

Laser, Gravity Bomb, Antimatter Cannon, and all kinds of Science Fiction weapons were blasting against the spherical object as if there is no tomorrow. This battle was staining the dark space with all kinds of colors as if they were intending to rip the space apart and destroyed the universe.

Strangely, despite being bombarded from all sides with this kind of insane weaponry. The white spherical ship didn't get damaged in the slightest and only showing a little disturbance.

Inside one of the giant flagships in the middle of the hundreds of thousands of spaceships. An alien that looks like a giant blue man with 4 big purplish vertical eyes at his face and sharp teeth with two protruding fangs in his mouth, was emotionless as he observing the screen of the battle that unfolds.

"Your Mightiness, Sovereign Dhraude. The ancient technology of the Vonix race is within your hand now, with almost all of the spacefaring species in the universe under your rule. it's only just a matter of time." An alien that looks like an octopus with yellow color and round head submissively reported.

"Hmm… Activate the Annihilation Cannon!" Sovereign Dhraude said emotionlessly as if he doesn't care about the destruction that will be caused by the Annihilation Cannon.

"Yes, Your Mightiness!" The yellow octopus alien suddenly paled in color as if being scared by the mention of Annihilation Cannon but he still does it, as he seems to be even more scared of the Sovereign.

"Forget about the technology, as long as the remains of that once most powerful race was wipe out completely from the face of the universe. Who is capable to oppose me?"

Then from the front of the flagship, some kind of red plasma condensed and fired to the white spherical spaceships. Completely blasting it off until nothing remains of it. Unknown to anyone, the ships actually manage to make the most important thing of it escape into the other part of the universe.


A starry sky view is a rare view on earth, since the industrial revolution back in 1800, the human race has already polluted the sky with carbon emission and light pollution making it impossible for people living in the city to observe the star at night.

'My name is Alex, I am just an 18-year-old average man that just graduated from high school a while back. Currently, I was observing the rich night sky with my small telescope.'

"Lucky for me to be able to observe the night sky without going to the mountain," I said as I use my telescope to observe a certain patch in the sky.

The surrounding was full of darkness as there weren't any light could be seen irradiating the place. My city for some unknown reason is currently having a blackout, it not just happens to my city but even to other cities in the region, making the observation of night sky possible.

'For me to be born in the 21st century is a curse, this is an era where everyone born in this generation is too late to explore the earth and is too early to explore space!' I cursed with regret in my heart as I thought and sighed.

I like to observe space because I dream to explore the vastness of space since my childhood but alas, I just happen to be born too early for that to happen.

While observing the night sky with my small telescope, I see a strange blink in the sky. Some kind of falling star was crossing the horizon as if it were splitting and brightening the night sky. Then, I realize that it was a strange black object entering the atmosphere and were approaching me at an insane speed.

"Shit shit shit, what is that thing? I should get away from here ASAP!!" I scream while frantically ru

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