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amaliaverdezoto > The Overspace Magus Emperor > -1 Prologue: Universe Travel
unning for my life like a person that had his tail between his leg.


A loud impact sound was heard from the vicinity.

Despite already running for about 20 meters or so from my original place, I was thrown 10 meters away from that impact.

"Fuck, I broke my bone and it hurt so much! I hope the life insurance will pay me for the hospital bill." I swear dejectedly while desperately trying to get up.

Fortunately, I manage to get away in time to preserve my life.

'To begin with, what is that thing? I don't think it was a meteor since it wasn't burn completely in the atmosphere and was quite small.' A small meteor should be completely burned in the atmosphere and not able to reach the surface intact.

While pondering that I see a blink of green light suddenly appear from inside the impact crater.

"Oh, I guess to answer that question I just need to check it after all." I gather my tiny courage to find out what is inside the impact crater

as I feel that I might regret it for life if I didn't check it.

While still in pain and holding my wound with my hand, I approach the crater slowly and wait until the smoke is gone. I then saw a white spherical object the size of a palm in the middle of the crater.

A strange monotone sound was heard.

["beep beep beep…"]

I approach the object and then touch it, the texture of the spherical object was so smooth and even smoother than every object that I ever touched in my life by a thousandfold as if it didn't have any flaw at all.

Just then, a Strange Language was heard immediately after I touch it, and then it suddenly spoke English.

["Synchronizing language completed, Initiating back up power…. Initiating complete"]

'What strange object is this? I will be richhh if I sell it to the governme.., no wait I will be apprehended if that happens!' while I was considering how to get rich by selling it, the object spoke again.

["Searching for Vonix race remnant…. Searching failed, no Vonix race remaining alive…. Searching for a new intelligent race to be an inheritor….. Searching completed, the Human race was found…. Alex an 18-years-old ordinary human was selected as it's master to inherit Vonix race technology"]

"Wait a minute, how could this thing know my identity?? No more than that, what is a Vonix race?" I was flabbergasted shock by the sudden rambling of the object.

Not bothering to answer my question, the object continued,

["Since a lot of species want the Vonix technology in this universe, Initiating other universe travel will be conducted, Finding Universe X-0927 to be suitable….. Initiating…. 3"]

"Wait I still don't even know what a Vonix race is… wait, I said waitttttttttt!!!" I snap loudly as I tried to get away but my action is futile as the spherical object is chasing after me no matter where I go.

Not minding what I said the monotone voice continued.

["2.....1... Start"]

At that moment, I see the space around me was ripped apart, I was suck and thrown inside of it as I didn't have any control of my body.

["The amount of energy needed is insufficient….. physical travel is impossible…. The soul will be extracted to do travel instead…."] Said the object in a still monotone voice.

When the spherical object finishes saying, I felt a tingling sensation creep to every corner of my body as I felt that something strange was forcefully sucked out from my body. Then, I realize that it was my soul that got separated from my body.

"What is going on? Why is my body there being ripped apart….. did my soul was really separated from my body? Will I die?" Everyone else in my place would have been scared to death as well if this were to happen to them.

No more than 5 minutes passed since my soul was separated, the spherical object that my soul was attached to said something.

["Travelling about to be completed….. Traveling completed…. Finding a body for the host to reside…. A suitable body su

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