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amaliaverdezoto > The Overspace Magus Emperor > 7 The Siege
The Moon started to shine in the sky as it was illuminating the two small armies that were about to clash, one of the armies is the attacker, a one hundred or so well-equipped bandit or knight? The other is the defender, consisting of two hundred or so guards.

The attacker started to march as they prepared their weapon. The defender on the other hand draws their bow and started to aim.

"Wait until they are within range and prepare to shoot!" The muscled middle age man that was in a commanding position ordered.

Since the guard has an advantage in position and number, they were confident in defending despite this is the first time they are on war.

Just as the attacker was about to be within the range of the archers. The gloomy middle-aged man started chanting a spell, then a strange diagram appeared on top of the skull looking staff in his hand.

After chanting the three spells, the gloomy middle-aged man seems to pale a bit and scold the imposing knight beside him,

"What are you still waiting for? You idiot, charge!"

"You….." after being told an idiot for the second time, the imposing knight fume in anger then preparing his unsheathed sword before yelling,

"The one that first reached the town's wall will be rewarded 10 gold coins and be allowed to do anything in the town for three days and three nights!"

"""Whoaaaaaa!!!!""" the bandits or knights shout excitedly as if ready to swallow a naked woman and then unsheathe their sword and charge like an endless wave while bringing the siege equipment.

In the town's wall, the muscled middle-aged man seems to show a trace of worried expression in his face. Suddenly, he opens his mouth and ordered.

"Archers, Fire!"

Then hundreds of arrows start flying in the sky, aiming for the attacker that seems to not know death.

Just as the arrows were about to reach the attacker, the attacker's army dodges most of the arrows and only a few manage to cause slight injury to them.

"This is impossible unless they are…" The muscled middle-aged man seems to be in disbelieve conditions and then calmed himself before continuing,

"Archers, keep fire every 5 seconds! The others prepare the hot oil and stones."

Then suddenly the attacker explodes in momentum and bursting aura of qi around them,

"How could it be possible? All of them are at least a 1st Rank Apprentice Knights with the majority of them being in the 2nd Rank!" The muscled middle-aged man agape in disbelief.

The other guards were in despair too, knowing the enemy they face is way stronger than them. After all, the guard in the defensive only had a handful amount of people that cultivate qi. What keeping their morale to stay is that their family was at stake here.

"Don't be afraid, as long as they don't cross the wall we will win in the end!" Yelled the muscled middle-aged man while readying his sword.

"Do you think that tenacity alone is enough to stop us? Don't make me laugh!" The impo

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