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Inside a palace of a majestic city, A yellow-haired middle age King was sitting in his white marble throne with his hand holding his chin. He was in the middle of hearing the report of an elderly prime minister at the side that was rambling nonstop.

"Your Majesty, for the last report it's about the undercurrent that was happening in the rural area of the Kingdom, and it might have something to do with lost technology of the third Magus Dynasty era." The Prime Minister reported.

Hearing what the Prime Minister said, the King raised his eyebrow in interest before commenting, "What are you waiting for? Report it to me."

"Yes, as you wish, My King. It began with the report we got about a bandit that attack Xendra Viscounty but it seems to be a private knight of Count Sanchez dispatch in disguise." The Prime Minister reported with an interest in it.

"Owh? That idiot Sanchez? He must have been done so to expand his territory. Did he think the Kingdom will not know? This is breaking the law! As for the Xendra Viscounty, I remember that a few hundred years ago, there is an interesting history about that family." The king straightens up his back in interest.

"Yes, but this might have nothing to do with that, Your Majesty. It seems the sole reason for the attack is because of a certain Magus Apprentice that found a clue about a lost technology. And there is another report stating that the disguised knights died instantly with some kind of explosives magic." The Prime Minister continued summarizing.

This much information that the Kingdom manages to get indicated that it had a vast network of information spread throughout the Kingdom.

"An explosive Magic? To kill a group of knights even if all of them are Knight Apprentice in one go. Great Magus Rank Magi is needed to do the job or at least 10 or so Magus. Is there some expert helping the Xendra Viscounty?" The King asked in wonder.

"No, Your Majesty, that might not be completely true. There is also the mentioning in the report that a golem was spotted at the wall of Moonmoor town. There was also a rumor that a mysterious Chamber of Commerce appear in the town and selling all kinds of unique artifacts." The Prime Minister scrutinized his eyes while reading the report.

Well, the report of the unique artifact is obviously quite made up. It was normal in Medieval Age that a small incident evolves into a legend if it was long enough. Thought the rumor could only blame the goods being sold by the Chamber of Commerce to be ahead of its time.

"Golem? Unique Artifact? It is definitely the technology of the Ancient Magus Empire! Dispatch Great Magus Anthony as the envoy to uncover the technology!" The King ordered after hearing the mention of a golem and unique artifacts and being certain of it.

"Your Majesty, don't be too rash in making the decision. After knowing that his knight got obliterated, the Count sends all of his armies to take revenge but instead got captured

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