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From afar, it could be seen that two people were clashing in the middle of a field. A sound of wooden sword clashing to each other could be heard clearly. One of the people is a muscled middle-aged man using a wooden sword skillfully to deflect the attack from the other, the other one is a boy holding a wooden sword with both hands frantically trying to land a hit.


One of the wooden swords got deflected and thrown into the air. It drops a few meters away from the one losing the sword.

Suddenly the muscled middle-aged man opens his mouth and said,

"Impressive, it's only just been yesterday that I teach you swordsmanship but your ability is already better than a recruit that trains for months!" the middle-aged man clasped his hand in praise.

"Don't make me laugh, I still never land even a single hit to you, Sir Gareth." Hearing what he said, I amusingly laugh to myself.

"Gahaha… Young Master Wyne was obviously a few years too early to beat me, even a few years is fast you know?" he said proudly.

If it was yesterday, Gareth would talk more politely but after training me for more than a day, his rude and straightforward personality take lead instead. Indeed, an enemy yesterday is a friend today, though it wasn't quite fit for this.

Suddenly a man with a butler uniform interrupted the talking between the two.

"Please excuse my rudeness, Young Master." Said the butler while bowing slightly with apology.

"What is it Sebas?" I asked curiously while rising one of my eyes.

"The iron within the territory and few other metals such as copper that Young Master asks this morning have been prepared" replied Sebastian.

"Good, did the important resource has been collected too?" I then turn my face to Sebastian in eagerness.

"Yes, it has been fully collected just as what Young Master asked." Sebastian nods his head in confirmation.

"Then let's stop the training for now and continue it again tomorrow, Sir Gareth," I said apologetically to Gareth

"Yes, I will do so." Gareth nods his head in acceptance.

"Sebas, lead me the way."


Then Sebastian leads the way with me following behind.


What was waiting for me was a mountain of low-quality iron ingot and a few other materials like silicon and copper. There are also rare resources with high nutrition in a basket beside the mountain of iron.

'Good good good… with this, it should be enough to make Construction and Assembler Chamber.' With an excited expression, I take a look at the material and finally casting my eye at the ingredient in the basket.

"Blue Mountain Mushroom, Cyan Star Fruit, Wild Horn Grass, and much more…." With a surprised look, I took them and examine it closely and carefully just like handling a super fragile thing.

'With Vonix technology it will be possible to process all of this ingredient, Blue Mountain Mushroom could be used as a high-quality nutrient that could help on the progress of cultivation, Cyan Star Fruit could be used as regenerative potion that could help regeneration of the body, Wild Horn Grass could be used as an antidote and there is much more!' I smiled so widely that my lips almost touch my eyes in satisfaction and stored back the material to its former place carefully.

Unfortunately, my excitement dwindles as I remember that I needed to make Synthesize Chamber first before being able to process the material and Sebastian's report completely broken my excitement.

"I'm regretted to say this but there have been causalities caused by an attack of a ferocious beast in the surrounding forest, so the gathering of the material couldn't be continued before the extermination of the beast or if it left the periphery area," Sebastian said apologetically while down casting his gaze.

As Xendra's territory is near a hill and a forest, there is a lot of natural resources, but because of it, there is a lot of danger and treacherous land around the terri

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