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f cultivation, Cyan Star Fruit could be used as regenerative potion that could help regeneration of the body, Wild Horn Grass could be used as an antidote and there is much more!' I smiled so widely that my lips almost touch my eyes in satisfaction and stored back the material to its former place carefully.

Unfortunately, my excitement dwindles as I remember that I needed to make Synthesize Chamber first before being able to process the material and Sebastian's report completely broken my excitement.

"I'm regretted to say this but there have been causalities caused by an attack of a ferocious beast in the surrounding forest, so the gathering of the material couldn't be continued before the extermination of the beast or if it left the periphery area," Sebastian said apologetically while down casting his gaze.

As Xendra's territory is near a hill and a forest, there is a lot of natural resources, but because of it, there is a lot of danger and treacherous land around the territory making it a rural area and hard to do farming.

'Well thinking that aside, it's time to make the Construction and Assembler Chamber!' Then I told Sebastian to order the guards to move the resource to the back of the mansion near a hill.

After all of the resource has been moved. I realize the importance of secrecy and low-key if my secret were to be known by the world, I don't know what dangerous that might come because of it.

"Sebastian, don't let anyone enter this place no matter what! Not even you are allowed to enter! Place a guard to monitor the periphery area as well, any intruder that bypasses the area, apprehend them and if they resist, kill them on the spot!" With a vicious look, I told Sebastian to guard this area as if protecting a great treasure.

"Yes, as you commanded!" Sebastian bows his head slightly as if in a tacit understanding that his Master was keeping a great secret.

Then he left and instruct the guard to protect the outer periphery area of the hill in the back of the mansion.

"Vonix, now that the resource has been gathered, could you construct the Construction and Assembler Chambers now?"

["Positive, it will take around an hour to construct the Chamber respectively, proceed?"] suddenly a monotone voice appeared in the surrounding.

"Yes, and make it hidden so no one notices something amiss here" I gaze my eye to the surrounding and found a hidden hill that fit for the construction.

["Initiating Construction…. Construction in progress…."] Then a white light came out from my body and began to disintegrate the material and start the construction of the Chambers.

While waiting for the completion of the Chambers, I got back to the mansion to have lunch and handle some other miscellaneous things.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye, when I return to the construction site, I found two hidden chambers inside a hill. Their size is around 1 thousand square meters respectively.

Then I went inside wit

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