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amaliaverdezoto > The Overspace Magus Emperor > 11 Biological Chamber and Prelude
As I had finished my business in the Synthesize Chamber, it's time to check the Biological Chamber.

Then, I went inside the Biological Chamber to see that it was quite hideous inside. All kinds of equipment, used for making synthetic beast were displayed on the side of the room.

Of course, I didn't forget to bring the pile of beast corpse with me. Then, I asked Vonix what I could make it to.

"Vonix, give me a list for synthetic beast army!" I asked as I inspect the equipment on the side.

["Affirmative!"] A flat tone sound replied.

Afterward, a list of all kinds of synthetic beast appeared in front of me. The synthetic beast was divided into two-part, the first is to reanimate the beast as it was before with additional synthetic technology, and the other is to make a new kind of synthetic beast or a hybrid.

The first kind will only have a strength not much greater than before it was dead but will have a bigger potential to improve. On the other hand, the later will create a stronger synthetic beast but with limited potential or even none to improve.

As the beast that the robots had hunted was a low-class beast with no big potential, to begin with, I decided to make the second kind or a hybrid.

Then, I ordered the robots bringing the pile of beast corpse to put it in a tube-like object to be turned into a bio-mass.

There were all kinds of hybrid synthetic beast I could make with the corpse; chimera and a blob of flesh were also possible to be made.

But in the end, I decided to make a 'Siege Beast'. A giant beast that was enclosed in a futuristic metal armor that was capable of bringing all kinds of weapons. The reason I choose this is that it could be used as a siege weapon since it was made by the flesh of an extraordinary beast, it was very mobile and also was strong.

Just as I choose to make that, the pile of beast corpses turned into a pile of bio-mass and then processed into a giant flesh beast that has an appearance resembling a dinosaur around 6-8 meters tall, depending on variety.

Then, the giant beasts were enclosed in a futuristic metal armor and all kinds of weapons were attached in the side and the back of the beast. Missiles, cannons, and railgun were attached to the beast, making the beast scary and mighty in appearance.

Even without the armor and technology, the giant beast has a strength equal to a Knight Rank powerhouse. Well, even if its mobility wasn't as good as a normal Knight, with all kinds of weapons attached to it, killing a Knight powerhouse is as easy as killing an ant.

Unfortunately, with the pile of corpse currently available, making five of it is a limit.

"Bringing a giant beast like this will definitely attract a lot of unwanted attention and were inefficient, is there any way to make it small or something?" My head ached just thinking the consequence of bringing a giant beast like this out.

["With Spatial technology the Vonix race had, it's possible

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