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The day was cloudy all over, foretelling that this wasn't a good day. The city below was full of a gloomy atmosphere as people were hesitant to come out and do their daily job. All of this was caused by the Lord of the land.

The city was a medium to big sized city with a population of 35.000. If it was seen from outside, the 10-meters tall wall was mightily protecting the inhabitants of the city inside. The City's name is Oxford.

Above the wall, inside one of the towers. Two guards were sitting above a chair while lazing around. Then, as if bored for doing nothing, one of the guards open his mouth and sigh,

"Hahhh… the common goods in this city are keep increasing in price as of lately."

"How could it not? The Count just prepared a march not too long ago, and selfishly increase the tax and take a lot of common goods from the people, with the pretext of protection but he is actually invading." The second guard complained, with a hidden malice inside.

"Hey, watch your mouth! If anyone else hears what you said, you will be hanged because of treason!" The first guard looks around as to check anyone were hearing.

"Who cares? The Lord and a lot of his loyal-corrupt officials were in the march anyway. I'm free to speak what I wanted." The second guard indignantly declared. Then, he continued, "I heard that the territory he is going to attack have a mysterious Chamber of Commerce that sells weird stuff."

"Oh, you mean the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce? The one that popped up out of nothing a few days ago?" The first guard moves his head questioningly to the second guard.

"Yeah, the one that sold weird thing. I heard they sell magic equipment that could produce water out of nothing from the well, there is also a rumor that people in the territory seems to be cleaner because they bought something called soap." The second guard moves his hand while describing the thing.

"Yeah, I heard that they also sell much more weird stuff that could be used in daily life and even luxurious for nobility." The first guard tilts his head upward in wonder.

Just as the two were conversing freely in the tower, there was a sudden chaos as guards were running back to from the hallway to the wall.

"Hey, what's going on?" The second guard inquired a guard that was running frantically.

"We are under siege!! From the forest appeared an unknown army of golems." The guard then continued running to the castle wall.

""What??"" The two guards were shouting unbelievingly at the same time and run out to take a look.


"So that's the City of Oxford," I mumbled to myself, as I view the grand 10 meters wall in front of me.

The City's wall was way taller than Moonmoor town's wall which was only 6 meters tall.

Then, I see the guard above the city's wall already notice my robot army, and already take a position while aiming their weapon in my direction. One of the guards that seem to be the leader suddenly open his mouth and

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