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d said,

"Who are you? Do you know that bringing an army of golem in front of the city is counted as invading? Or are you going to break the law of the Kingdom and attack the Count's territory?"

Hearing that, my vein bulges a little and I snapped, "Law you said? Then the Count attacking my territory twice not count as breaking the law?"

"This… you must be…" the leader of the guard start having a cold sweat and start thinking what happen to the marching force of the Count.

"Enough chit-chat, I demand the surrender of the City right now, as you know what you were thinking is right! The Count's army had been defeated by me!" I commandingly declared while smirking a little.

The soldiers above the wall started to hesitate after hearing that and were gazing at each other, unknowing what to do. Then suddenly, a sly official emerges from the side and start yelling while pointing at me,

"Impossible… He's lying, don't hear what he just said! His army is only 200 and how could they be a golem? archer shoot!!"

Then, as the guard was quite convinced and they could only obey the word of the official, as he was the right hand of the Count. They start releasing the arrow that had been nocked in their bow and crossbow in their hand.

Dozens of arrows were flying in the sky, cutting the air as if there's none.

Just as the arrow was about to hit me, two robots stood in front of me and the arrows got deflected by an invisible force.

'This electromagnetic shield sure is convenient.'

Then, I ordered the robots to begin sieging. The robots start charging the wall very quickly and then scaling the wall by jumping a few meters at a time, then stick to the wall before jumping again.

The guards above were surprised by the golem's mobility and counter it by throwing stone below. Unfortunately, because the golem was so fast only a few manage to hit the golem but got deflected by an invisible shield.

"What's with this golem? Magic imprint? Impossible…" The official that had been shouting earlier fall to the ground in despair and start mumbling.

Afterward, the golem takes out the High Voltage rifle from their back and start firing the guards above the wall. Finishing the capture of the east wall swiftly without making much fuss.

Then, I ordered half of the robots to capture the other walls and take the rest of the robots with me to take over the Count's Manor in the center.

As I walk across the way to the Manor, I see the people in the street were a bit lifeless than the people in Moonmoor. I had covered the robots with a cloak so the people didn't know that it was a robot.

'Must be because of the selfish Count." I begin contemplating, as I held my chin with my forefinger and thumb in thought.

Ten minutes after, we reach the Manor in the middle of the City without any resistant, this was because the Count almost takes all of his forces away to attack my territory.

From afar, The Manor could be seen by me

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