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The sun was high in the sky, where its position indicates that it was already there for a few hours. Its yellow light was coloring the things below that might not be seen at night.

In the midst of that, there was a two-horse luxurious carriage with a Lord insignia being newly painted at the door of it. It was as if replacing the old paint that had been there before.

Inside of the carriage could be seen as a quite handsome black-haired boy and a beautiful white-haired pure girl were sitting side by side in the carriage.

Suddenly the black-haired boy seems to be annoyed by something and said,

"Despite being an expensive carriage that the Count previously used, it's been bumpy as hell!" The carriage at the medieval age didn't know what is spring, yet.

'Although there was rumored that there is something such as magic carriage or some sort that was very swift and comfortable to use being widely spread in the capital, it was said to be very... very expensive.' I thought as the smell of business that could be made from the custom carriage filled my nostrils.

"Also... Lily, why are you sitting beside me? There is more space across." I gaze my eyes to Lily that sit like basically beside me and smell sweet for some reason.

"Don't wanna! I had promised to always be with you forever, aren't I!?" Lily sees me with her eyes in a strange way.

"R..right!" Then, I cast my head to the window at the side and turned a blind eye to the last part of her sentence.

The carriage was traveling from the mansion to the town of Moonmoor, 20 or so guards were escorting the carriage while holding their spear and sword in their scabbard.

In the midst of the guard, a muscled middle-aged man with a stylish gray hair riding a gray horse come forward to the luxurious carriage and report,

"Young Master, we will reach the town in a few minutes." The man rides his horse skillfully while gazing at the town ahead.

I nod my head then replied, "Be sure to pacify the crowd and watch out for anyone suspicious, as I incidentally just got a report that the town was overcrowded!"

"Yes, leave it to me! When I'm around, not even a speck of dust can touch you!" Sir Gareth hit his left chest lightly with his other clench hand in a confident style.

Gareth had just finished his instructing and training of the new recruit from Sanchez County, as the soldier were quite professional, to begin with, they didn't need further training and just need some loyalties to me.

"Good, I will be relying on you!" Of course, I didn't only rely on the personal guards and the town's guard at the site. A lot of bugs and the small animal robot will be spying the place while the other robots will be hiding somewhere in town, ready to take action.

Although this was only an official inspection or tour and wasn't some kind of festival or some sort, it's better to be cautious than sorry.

As the carriage was about to reach the entrance of the wall, the people were lining up more than it normally was. People were swarming in there as if waiting for something to come.

Just then, they see the luxurious carriage that was approaching the place from the east. The insignia at the side of the carriage was a sore eye to the people at the entrance.

Suddenly one of the pedestrians at the entrance shout while pointing to the carriage,

"Hey.. that's the Lord insignia, the Lord's here!"

When one people caused a ripple of the shout, it spread to the others just like a snowball effect. Others were talking quite noisily about the Lord.

It was like that until the guards at the side reprimand the peoples,

"Shut up! The Lord's about to reach this place! Anyone that causes a ruckus will be sentenced to the mine!" One of the guards at the side uses some kind of whip to discipline the peasant to shut themselves up.

Seeing what was happening from the carriage, I was a bit surprised by the crude way people were using in this world.

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