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ple were lining up more than it normally was. People were swarming in there as if waiting for something to come.

Just then, they see the luxurious carriage that was approaching the place from the east. The insignia at the side of the carriage was a sore eye to the people at the entrance.

Suddenly one of the pedestrians at the entrance shout while pointing to the carriage,

"Hey.. that's the Lord insignia, the Lord's here!"

When one people caused a ripple of the shout, it spread to the others just like a snowball effect. Others were talking quite noisily about the Lord.

It was like that until the guards at the side reprimand the peoples,

"Shut up! The Lord's about to reach this place! Anyone that causes a ruckus will be sentenced to the mine!" One of the guards at the side uses some kind of whip to discipline the peasant to shut themselves up.

Seeing what was happening from the carriage, I was a bit surprised by the crude way people were using in this world.

As my carriage reaches the entrance, people start saluting and kneeling on one knee while being silent as if being scared of something.

'So, people do this kind of thing in this world!? Interesting." I was inspecting the people from the carriage and realize that the majority of the people that kneel were peasants and anyone that didn't follow suit was whipped by the guards.

'Hierarchy was obvious and not obscured, I'm glad that I transmigrate as a noble and not as a peasant. If I were to take over as a slave, although I'm still confident to ascend the world, it will take a very long time.' I thought relieved while rubbing my chin and thankful for having a good start.

Then, the carriage passes through the entrance of the town and got to the town. Inside I see a line of people at the side also kneeling and giving a salute to the carriage.

Strangely enough, after they finished kneeling and saluting, a lot of middle-aged men were holding the back of a younger girl that seems to be their daughter as if trying to promote some kind of goods.

"The heck? Is this some kind of female fashion show or something?" Seeing that I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Incidentally, Lily that was on my side that was seeing me looking at the girl outside hit me from the side.

"Ouch! What was that for?" I asked with a glare at Lily.

"Nothing." Lily turned her head away with a puff on her cheeks.

As time was still early, I decided to check the place that had been bothering me all this time when I survey the town before.

First, it was the public toilet, As the Lord, it would be inappropriate for me to check that place directly but seeing it from afar and asking information to the people there is easy.

In this world, people usually relieved themselves at home with a wooden bucket and throw the waste to the river but there is also a public toilet that used in the public.

A few minutes passed as the carriage was traveling to the place and the

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