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amaliaverdezoto > The Overspace Magus Emperor > 21 A Girl Inside
A big tube-like pod was placed inside a Biological Chamber to be unfrozen. Despite being a Chamber that could produce a Synthetic Beast Technology, it could also be used for other things.

"I'm having a bit of doubt but reviving someone that had been frozen for millennia, is that even possible?" My face shows a trace of uncertainty about the possibility.

["Don't ever compare the Vonix's race technology with your puny backward Human technology! Cryogenic sleep and revival had been perfected by the Vonix race for more than millions of years. Even if the technology currently available was a bit primitive, it could safely revive a living being that had been frozen for a mere millennium or so"] In a monotone voice, Vonix responded with a trace of contempt.

"Is that so? Fine, I was wrong for doubting!" I confessed a bit guiltily with a wry smile.

Then, as I was waiting while practicing my Breathing Technique, the tube-like pod was being heated and the ice inside of it was being melted slowly as if to not damage someone inside of it. All kinds of microscopic nanobots could be seen if someone used a microscope to see as it was there to repair tissue and cells that got damaged by the heating.

From inside of it, a trace of silhouette was flickering and start to appear quite visible from the outside.

As minutes by minutes passed, the silhouette inside was becoming more and more visible to see. A white obscure figure starting to appear from inside.

Just as about ten minutes passed, I became curious and halt my practice for a moment to see the figure inside with all of my power.

I drive my qi to the maximum and circulate it at my eyes to enchant my vision. My face twitches as I see the figure inside,

"So beautiful and so pure, does the world allow such a beautiful being?" My face was glued to the inside and my face blushed a little as if being dazzled by a fairy.

From inside was a block of half-melted ice and 10 years old or so girl with long white hair and a slight silver on it were in a state of suspended animation. She was so pure as if an angel that had descended to Earth.

She was unconscious while hugging her two legs like a goddess that had lost its divinity. Her face complexion was pale white with a lonely expression shown in there.

I realized that I was charmed by her and start feeling ashamed for doing so. Then, I sit down and practice the breathing technique to calm myself.

"What am I? A beast? Why would I be attracted to a little girl?" I was dissatisfied with myself and remind myself that I wasn't a pedophile.

But then I also realized that my current body is only an 11 years old boy.

"A boy or not, I'm still an 18 years old young adult!" I shake my head in disdain and then cast my attention somewhere else.

There was always a moral value that someone couldn't cross no matter what and this is one of it.

"Vonix, how long does the revival process might take?" I asked while tilting

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