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scared by the robot that was approaching her.

Seeing that, I decided to come there myself with the 'Assistance Drone Robot' to help translate and sampling the language, instead of the robot as it seems to scare her a lot.

"Whoa... Whoa Whoa, calm down. I'm not a bad guy here, the robot is fine, it won't bite." I said reassuringly with a suspicious smile while trying to use body language to complement the missing word.

The girl as if still not believe me, shake her head a lot and yell,

"I do#'t t##st #ou! ##o a#e #ou? W##re #m I?"

"I am Wyne von Xendra, The Lord of the land here! Here.. takes this blanket." Although her language hasn't been perfectly collected, I tried to explain while I take the blanket from the robot's hand and try giving it to her as that had been bothering me a lot.

She while still suspicious and wary of me, take the blanket swiftly and cover herself before fuming, "Pervert!"

"What?" Hearing the strange clear word that managed to be perfectly translated from what she just said to me, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. 'Why the translator perfect at this time? I'm only helping here! Why did you call me a pervert? I'm not a pervert, okay!'

"Anyway, what's your name and why were you inside an ice pod in suspended animation?" I asked slowly so as to not scare her.

"M# #am#? W#o am I? I #on't k#o#….. Arghhhh… M# h#ad ##rts!" The pure girl held her head and shut her eyes tightly as if in suffering.

Seeing the girl was suffering, I don't know what to do with her. Then, I ask Vonix for what might the cause of her suffering,

"Vonix, is the cause of her headache similar to what I suffer when I first transmigrate to this world?"

["Positive, it was suggested to have the girl rest at the base before further examination"] Vonix answered uncaringly.

As she had heterochronic eyes, bringing her to the mansion might cause unwanted dangerous to come.

'I didn't want to dig my own grave!' I considered in trepidation.

"That's true, I should bring her to the base and give her a room and also clothes to wear." Then, I ordered the robot to carry her to the base.

Because she was in a state of suffering, she seems to didn't notice that she was being carried by a robot.

As I got to the base, I prepare one of the vacant rooms and place her at the bed before leaving the room after having a glance at her for the final time.

"Now that she needs to rest, I better check if something is happening at the mansion." With a melancholy feeling, I left the base and go to the mansion.

Just as I reach the mansion, the sun was already about to set. I called the guard outside to call Sebastian to come to my office at the mansion.

Not long after I stay at my office in the mansion, a white-haired butler with a single glass knock the door and came inside the room after I had given confirmation.

"You are here, Sebas? Now, explain if there has been anything happening while I was gone!" I as

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