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As I and Lily reach the Mind Chamber, I begin to activate the simulation pod and get myself ready mentally since this will be the first time, I experience using it.

"Vonix, how long does it take to import two languages to my brain?" I asked in wonder as I approach the simulation pod. Lily was following behind me as she gazes at the place curiously.

["It might take two hours for the import which means take one hour for the respective language. The reason it takes so long was as to not damage the brain from over inserting it with knowledge."] Vonix replied in a robotic man voice.

"Good, then let's begin the procedure!" As there was more than one simulation pod in here, I decided to make Lily use it at the same time.

Then, I remember something and start whispering something to Vonix.

"When importing Common Language to Lily, scan her memory and if possible, discover all of her past memory but don't change any of it!"

Just as I finished whispering in a low voice and was about to enter the simulation pod, Lily grab my arm in a worried expression with a pure and innocent look on her face that makes me guilty not telling her.

"Don't worry, it will be fine. Be a good girl and I will reward you later." Seeing her cute innocent look, I couldn't hold myself again and start rubbing her head. Of course, the 'Assistance Drone Robot' that had been following for quite a while translate that for me.

She closes her eyes as she seems to enjoy being rub on her head and nods before also entering the other simulation pod at the side of the room.

'Now then, times to test this thing.' I enter the pod and lying my body inside in a sleep posture before the pod closed with me losing consciousness and awareness inside.


What might be hours might passed in the outside world, I start to regain awareness and sense of my body. The pod that had been covering me opens up as the ceiling of the chamber was presented to me.

"So, this is what it feels to get a foreign thing got inserted to someone's brain!?" My eyes were unfocused for a brief moment as an unfamiliar information flashed inside my head.

There was something different from this world, although not by much. Describing what I felt is just as hard as explaining the concept of music to someone that couldn't hear.

I think the reason there weren't too many differences I felt must have been because I only import two languages. If I were to import someone else's memory instead, I might become someone different as the total amount of information they had will merge with mine and possibly dwarfing me if he or she were older.

That's one of the reasons I didn't put the gloomy Magus Apprentice's memory into my head. A normal human brain could only withstand around 300 years of memory. Unless they become a Magus or higher ranked Knight that could extend their memory capacity.

As I was in deep contemplation, I gaze at the other pod in the Chamber with a bit of guilty.

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