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As I landed with a helicopter on top of a hill around 2 kilometers away from the Magus Tower like structure, I see 150 robots that were in a formation surrounding the helicopter. Of course, I didn't forget to bring the newer type of robots with me.

Five other helicopters descend to the side and from inside appear 10 'Battle Robot' that had knight posture and the exact same that I fought before, 5 'Animal Robot' that had the spider form, and of course 3 'Assistance Drone Robot' that will be helping on scanning and scouting the area ahead. I decided not to bring the 'Bomber Robot' as it wasn't effective in this kind of place.

Then, I ascend the hill to see the Magus Tower that I previously see in the hologram screen in the base. I take out a sniper rifle with a scope from my bag that I already prepared for this expedition, I decided to give my mithril sword to one of the robots as it was a burden to bring, I also don't want to risk my life going melee in an unknown place. Then, I point the sniper to the Magus Tower and use the scope to see it clearly.

From it, I see an Ancient Magus Tower in the middle of a circular ravine that had a waterfall encircle it from the slope of the lake above. The waterfall was filling the ravine but never filling it up. There was a path leading to the tower in the middle of the lake as if cutting it half.

It seems that the lake sometimes emits haze, which makes anyone that ever come cross here didn't find anything peculiar in this place. The only reason I could even found this place was the map and the advance reconnaissance unit I had.

"What a wonder of this world.." I mumbled to myself in amazement of the unnatural thing I just see in this world.

After savoring the beautiful scenery from above the hill, I decided to come down and start the campaign of the ruin.

Then, I ordered all of the robots to lead the path in front. This time I will be joining on the offensive instead of just observing from afar like before, though I will still be in the very back of the formation, safe from all kinds of danger that might come.

The path that leads to the tower was only around 15 or so meters wide, making only 10 robots that could past at a time. As I intrude on the path in the middle of the lake behind the formation, I feel that this was too easy.

The path wasn't that long, only around 50 or so meters, we pass through it without any disruption and dangerous until we reach in front of the stone bridge that connected the slope to the tower.

At each side of the bridge, two stone statues around 5 meters tall were displayed, and as the robots advance closer and closer, a crack starts to appear on the two statues.

From inside of it, emerge a stone golem in the shape of a giant cyclops around 5 meters tall. It had one eye made of stone that could roll in the middle of the face and an inscription around its body.

"A golem? A genuine magic golem?" I shout in shock from the sight I just see.

Then, a sound of hoarse voice could be heard from one of the golems,

"Intruder detected, it shall be eliminated!" it said in a hoarse voice, as it takes a chunk of rock around it and starts swinging it like a club.

Then the cyclops golem swings its club sideway swiftly as if swinging a racket. The robots in front was smashed flying without getting a chance to use the electromagnetic shield. It shattered as the remains of the robots fall into the lake at the side.

"Shit so fast, from its speed and strength alone, it's equal to a peak Knight expert!" My face got ugly after just seeing the first attack of the magic golem.

'I need to make the robots to back off a little and use range attack, as melee attack is simply impossible in this narrow place.' Then I began commanding the robots to do as I plan.

As the robots back off a little, the front robots begin to use the electromagnetic shield. As for the one in the back, it used all kinds of explosives weapons such

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