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amaliaverdezoto > The Overspace Magus Emperor > 5 The First Battle
Morning came as the sun started to rise and waking up every single people in the territory that still sleeping in their home. The warm sunlight warming everyone that was diligently working in the field and the one outside there.

As I get down from my bed, I hear a knock on the door. Then after giving my acknowledgment to the other side, the head maid Tia came in with the maids under her supervision behind her. The maids then come near me and start changing my clothes as if it was a normal thing.

'It has been four days since I transmigrate to this world and it has been a daily occurrence for the maid to change my clothes as if it was common sense.' My face showing resigns expression, accepting the state that was happening right now.

In this world, noble live in luxury. It was a normal thing for the maids that work in the mansion to attend to their lord. Although I wasn't used to something like this, just to keep my profile in check and to not make them suspicious, I do what Wyne do before. And before long, I was used to it.

'Thinking back, the Common language people use in this world resemble English and a few other languages in a certain way. With Wyne's memory in hand and my English proficiency, I don't quite mind the different language before.' Thinking that I was amused by my ignorant.

After I finished getting ready, I left the bedroom and have breakfast in the dining hall just as usual. Then I go to the hill in the back of the mansion to check on the progress of things and then go to the field to continue my sword training again.

There is nothing unusual happening in the morning and the afternoon, just that the Robots found a small iron and copper deposit not far from the hill and started mining immediately. They also scavenge some rare resources on the way.

As the sun started to go down, I receive a report from Vonix,

["Master, the scavenge team found a huge beast with the shape of a boar with a giant tusk around 3 meters in height and 4 meters long is heading to the Mining team, what action should we take?"]

As there is a need to do mining and gathering resources at the same time, I divide the Robots into two groups consisting of twenty each.

"Could you gauge its strength?" I asked in concern for the unknown.

["From the data gathered from its movement and body structure, the beast has a strength of at least around level 3 extraordinary lifeform or around 3rd Rank Apprentice Knight"] Vonix replied in a calculative not pitched voice.

"As strong as Sir Gareth then, gather all the Robots halfway to the mining site and prepare an ambush! Also, equip them with spear and crossbows as we are fighting a big monster so sword won't be effective!" I commanded sternly as I prepared my equipment and my weapon.


Then I go to the location where the ambush will be done and hide behind a bush with my Robots in ambush position.

As I wait for about 10 minutes, I hear a sound of thumpi

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