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The sun was high up in the sky, brightening the green land below. The greenery in the forest was giving a fresh feeling to anyone that was resting here. Sounds of birds chirping and tree leaves rustling could be heard from the side, making a rhythm that warms the heart.

From anyone's perspective, there isn't any suspicious in this perfect scenery. Unknown to anyone, there were tons of bugs, small animals, and birds in the sky, seemingly observing something in the distance.

Behind all of this is me, standing in a room with a table and a 3D hologram in front of me. My hand was playing with the hologram as if it was a game.

"Interesting, just as expected of the Count, he decided to attack my territory and not thinking of the repercussion," I said in an expected attitude.

From the map shown on the 3D hologram, an army of 5000 strong were located around 50 or so kilometers away from the town of Moonmoor. The army will definitely cross a village or two before it reaches the town.

The first village that it will come across is Penrith village. A village governs under Xendra's Viscounty and headed by a knight family. It was one of the five main villages in Xendra's Viscounty.

Penrith village, situated at the west boundary of the territory, making it quite prosperous as it became the gateway of trade from the west to the center of the territory.

"It will be such a waste if the Count's army were to raid and burn the village of this size. I should prepare an ambush just before the army reaches the village or in the village itself." I stated while pondering the strategy I need to use here.

"Vonix, calculate the amount of time needed for the army to reach the village and our response unit in coping with the situation!" While I was cramming the 3D hologram for further information, suddenly a monotone voice answered,

["From the data gathered, the Count's army will reach the Penrith village this evening, just when the sun fully set. If we were to send our army immediately, 45 minutes is needed to reach the destination with advanced helicopter troop transport and if we were to include tank and the siege beast, two hours or more might be needed, as we need to clear a way to the village"]

As the robots were already gathering enough metal. I decided to make a helicopter and tank. Of course, the model is way more advanced than the earth does, utilizing electromagnetic technology.

"I see, as time were on our side. Then prepare the tank as well the siege beast, just in case the robots alone aren't enough." I dictated firmly.



The sun was just set to the west, indicating that this world is a planet. Darkness starting prevail over the earth as the brightness of the sun is gone. No moon could be seen above in the sky, indicating that it was a new moon phase.

A big army consisting of 5000 men were marching amid a forest. Brightening the surrounding with the lantern and torch they bring along.

As the nearest village is just 10 minutes away, they decided not to set up camp and come straight to the village.

In the midst of the army is a luxurious carriage, with a shrewd looking noble inside. The shrewd noble was very displeased right now,

"Why is it taking so long just to reach the nearest village? My butt is already hurt like hell!" The shrewd noble cursed with apprehension.

To begin with, the reason the march was so slow was because of him, using a big luxurious heavy carriage in a march is a stupid idea but no one dared to point it out to him, in case catching his ire.

Then the aide that report to him before, came and replied politely,

"Lord, rest assured, the Penrith village is already up ahead, there will be sure to be a beauty or two for Lord to enjoy." The aide was soothing the displease noble professionally.

Hearing this, the shrewd noble smiled with lust and anticipation,

"Good, if you manage to catch a good one, I will be sure to reward

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