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From afar, I could see a big majestic white colored administrative building. It has a big stair in the middle and two statues beside the entrance of the building.

A group of officials could also be seen at the side being tied with a rope. There was also a group of robots not far from them, watching and securing the people by holding the rope tightly.

The officials were having an expression of gloom and were down casting their gaze below as if waiting for an execution. Seeing this, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Then, I approach the crowd and ordered the robots to bring the official inside the hall. The hall resembled a roman styled building with having a big white pillar at the front and inside to support the structure.

As I got to the center of the hall, the officials were untied and presented in front of me. The officials were a little bit surprised to see that the master of the golems they see, was only an 11-year-old boy or so.

"Let's just make this short but first who is the magistrate of this city?" My face becomes serious as I inspect the officials in front of me.

Then, one of them that seems to be the leader come forward and bow his head a little before answering,

"I am the magistrate of this city, Sir. What are you going to do to us?" His face showed an expression of pleading and worry, as I inspect his characteristics. He was a middle-aged man with gray hair and had an amicable face.

"Are you? I'm not going to do anything sinister, as long as you have a good record as officials and pledge allegiance to me, I promise to spare and give you the same position just as before." I inspect all of the officials from the left to the right with a smirk.

"Yes, I am magistrate Bryant, Sir. But could you state yourself first, Sir?" The magistrate asks with a calm expression on his face.

"I am Viscount Xendra of the neighboring territory that your Lord had just attacked but failed." I declared with seriousness showing in my face.

After hearing what I stated, the officials were in a fuss after knowing that their Lord had failed miserably. Then, I clap my hand to gather attention.

"I don't have much time, decide now whether you want to pledge or not!" Seeing that the officials were still hesitant, I could only sigh.

"Lord Viscount, I will pledge my allegiance to you, as long as you spare my family." The magistrate stated with pleading in his face.

"Good, I promise that I won't harm your family." I nod my head with a smile and a little surprise that the magistrate cared so much to his family.

Noticing that I wasn't an evil person and quite reasonable, he decided to pledge his allegiance to me. "I pledge myself to Lord!" Finishing his kneel, he continued, "The other officials here were trustworthy as most of the ambitious and corrupt ones were following the Count, Lord."

"As for the one that was here, the Count's right-hand man seems to be on the wall and as for the other officials,

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