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they were going to the bar and brothel to have fun. This makes us work twice as hard." The Magistrate started to boil regarding the bad treatment he got from the Count and other officials.

Remembering the bad treatment they got and seeing that the magistrate pledges his allegiance to me, the other officials decided to follow suit and kneeled.

"""I pledge myself to Lord!"""

I receive their submission with a beaming smile.

"Good good good, I won't mistreat you." Then as I remembered something, I resumed, "I will give you guys the first mission, prepare personnel for transporting gold from the Manor."

"""Yes, My Lord!!!""" All of the officials salute with a slight bowing then left to gather personnel.

Actually, moving the gold from the Manor could be done by the robots but as I need it to do something else and it will attract attention, I decided not to. The gold coins were also had been move from the secret room to the other room in the Manor.

After I finished giving the order, I continue my occupation of the County. As Sanchez County has 1 medium to big sized city, 3 small towns and 14 villages with a total population of around 70.000, I need to split my force.

I decided to dispatch 180 robots and split it into three to take down the town before splitting further into 14 to occupied the surrounding villages. I had the remaining 20 robots to capture the bad officials at the town and guard the wall of the city.

As hours would be needed for the robots to occupied the surrounding even with the advanced transport troop helicopters, I set to explore the city more thoroughly to gather information.

The Oxford City has a population of 35.000, so it had the sized of around 3.5 times that of Moonmoor.

As I explore the city, I realize that the main road feels quite desolate. The people also seem to not realize that the city had fallen to another hand because the robots manage to incapacitate the guard swiftly without warning the people but even if they know, they probably will not care that much as it was seen from their desolate face.

The expression the people have in this city seems quite gloomy as if troubled about what to eat tomorrow. They also seem quite malnourished a little.

Just as I walk for about a minute or so, I spotted a store in the side that catches my eye. Then, I approach it to gather more information on the people.

As I got inside the store, I see a plump middle age woman sitting behind a counter uncaringly gazing at the side as if in a trance and it requires a full ten seconds before she realizes I was inside the store.

"Oh.. a costumer? Do you need anything?" she said while holding her head lazily without glancing at me fully.

"This…" I glance at the surroundings and realize this was a material store.

"What? You came without any plan to buy anything? Get out if you just here to hinder me." She starts fuming irritatingly. Then as she moves her head and gazes at me, she

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